TAP Accelerates the Next Generation of Technology Talent into the Workforce.

Our dedicated and customized consulting approach implements a cost-effective managed workforce solution. We enable our clients’ workforce growth strategy while delivering quality work and providing real-world experience for our apprentices.

Our TAP Philosophy

The TAP proprietary vetting process begins with identification of the T-shaped ideal: putting character and drive above competency. In this way, we match our candidates correctly with the team they’ll join and, ultimately, with our clients’ culture.

Our Sources

leading universities
leading universities
alternative education
alternative tech educators
technology training
technology training
& immersion programs


“No one was more skeptical than me…and now I am the program’s greatest champion…all they needed was a way into corporate America and the chance to prove themselves and no one was more surprised than me.”

Manager, IT Crew Systems Application Development

Best Project Completed With Tech One?

“While working at Tech One and placed at American Airlines, I was able to take part in AA’s annual Hackwars, where my team and I took home second place out of almost 100 teams for our idea to better the airline!”

Lief, Tech One IT Apprentice

“To the surprise of detractors in the org, the folks in the TAP model exceeded all expectations. Not only were they capable test executors, on par with (or better than) more expensive contractors, but over time, they started writing test cases as well. They also brought high levels of enthusiasm and excitement the work and the team…It was something to learn, and they embraced the challenge.”

Sr. Manager, Application Development

What’s the best thing about Tech One’s Talent Apprenticeship Program?

“Having the opportunity to learn new skills
in a hands-on experience.”

Sarah, Tech One IT Apprentice

“Congratulations are in order to your Apprenticeship Program recruiting team! The program has been a complete success for our organization! Each team member is providing value in many ways! The energy that the team members have brought to our team has been contagious and invigorating! The team members you have selected have had the appropriate level of base skills to grow upon, and their out of the box thinking has been awesome and refreshing! Our more senior team members are enjoying the opportunity to provide mentoring, resulting in stronger teams. All our team members advancing their skills while either teaching or learning!”

Sr. Manager – Operations Technologies, Safety, Security & Environmental

How Did You Come To Tech One?

“Honestly, for months I was not having any luck job hunting by myself. After posting my resume on multiple websites, a streak of luck came towards me after Paul Cozza from Tech One reached out to me after seeing my resume online. That’s how I got here today!”

Michelle, Tech One IT Apprentice

“I have had the pleasure to work with Tech One IT in finding local junior talent to add to my team. I have been able to work closely with several great individuals from Tech One that have invested into me, my team, my values, and my vision which has resulted in some of the most incredible additions to my teams. The results are encouraging to me to continue down this path and build on the relationship that I have with Tech One so that we can quickly meet the needs of my teams by adding top talent as quickly as possible.”

Manager, IT Application Development, Safety, Environmental, Compliance

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1. Talent Pipeline

  • Create a strong network of relationships with local top-tier universities and alternative educators

2. Sourcing

Continuously source candidates with STEM degrees or certified immersive technical training programs and are ready for the workforce

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3. Screening

Identify “T-Shaped” candidates through proprietary screening process

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4. Onboarding

Hire, onboard, deploy

Collaborate with the client team to conduct orientation and initial training

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5. Career Development

Performance evaluations are done with the client team to assess progress

Apprentices are mentored by SMEs, provided access to technical training, bootcamps and certifications

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6. Continuous Delivery

Apprentice pods are dynamic and customized for project requirements

Client teams have the right to hire after 1000 billable hours

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