Why We Love To Hire Veterans

At Tech One IT, we love to work with veterans.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from veterans is that their training and skill sets are not fully appreciated when they become job seekers. Tech One IT is always open to hiring veterans precisely because of the skill sets they earned during their service.

If you are a veteran, read on to learn three reasons to consider applying with Tech One IT


1.     We are more interested in your experience and how that has shaped your character than a college degree or any higher-education certificate.


When Tech One IT hires technology employees for the Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP), we consider their knowledge, experience, education, and skillsets. We also get to know the applicant by asking questions that pertain to drive, character, and values. Placing the characteristics on top of the skills makes the T-Shaped methodology.


In simpler terms: we base our decisions on the kind of employee we believe you can be, given the right environment, rather than the employee you are today.


2.    Project management skills are held in extremely high regard.


“All forms of project management are a means to solve a problem which, in the military model, can be what to train, how to resupply, or how to plan a battle. In the business model, project management goals may be building a product, providing a service, or achieving a particular result.” (USVeteranMagazine)


The U.S. military is the epitome of precision. Nowhere else can an individual learn the level of project management skills taught by the military. This particular skillset provides the backbone for excellence in time management, focus, and efficiency. If you have these skillsets, you are a perfect candidate for the Tech One IT team!


3.   Teamwork is engrained in the nation’s military.


Team allegiance features heavily in the oaths soldiers take when they swear their service to their country. Navy SEALs pledge that their “loyalty to Country and Team is beyond reproach.” US Army Rangers vow ”Never shall I fail my comrades.” Airborne Troopers promise to “cherish the sacred trust and the lives of men with whom I serve.” The obvious reason: In a military combat situation, teamwork can literally mean the difference between life and death.” (Atlassian.com)


In the military, teamwork means the difference between life and death. In business, being loyal to your project team means moving forward quicker, being more open-minded to other ideas and executing one vision with full backing. This is a character trait that shines in technology and another reason we love to hire from our nation’s veterans.


Tech One IT hires veterans in each of our divisions: IT Solutions, IT Staffing, and the Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP). If you’re interested in learning more about working for Tech One IT, check out our jobs, or get in touch with us today: https://techoneit.com/contact/



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