Tech One is an IT services and solutions firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. We are The Southwest’s Premier Provider of IT Talent. Our mission is to provide clients with better and more efficient methods of delivering technology and people to their IT organizations. Our values are centered on providing outstanding service that exceeds expectations while working in partnership with our clients toward delivering expected results. We aim to be a valued team member and adviser while providing access to the best IT talent, techniques and development tools.

Tech One has an experienced team with many decades of systems and development experience. We know that the key to a successful project is the experience and attitude of the personnel assigned to and working full time on the project. A great deal of analysis and consideration is given to all of our client’s requests for support. This allows us to consistently present the best solution and staffing alternatives to our clients.

Tech One’s Innovative Workforce Accelerator Solution

Bringing High-Performing Technology Talent to Business

  • Bridging the technology talent gap with a unique and sustainable talent pipeline built through partnerships with the top local universities, alternative tech educators, and the world’s leading technology training and immersion programs
  • Tech One’s only objective is to accelerate next generation technology talent into the workforce through a managed technology apprenticeship solution

One-of-a-kind Talent Assessment Program

  • Access to a sustainable pipeline of highly motivated pre-professionals
  • A flexible spending solution that is responsive to the business and project needs; Tech One offers a flex-scale delivery to quickly ramp both up and down
  • Mitigation of risks and expense related to bad hires

A Flexible and Scalable Managed Solution

  • An entry-level program can be a key component of an organization’s scalable business strategy
  • As the apprentices are Tech One’s employees, the administrative burdens are transferred
  • Increase retention and create career paths for the next generation of skilled workers as employees retire, are promoted or reassigned

A Reliable Partner

  • Tech One’s inclusion within the Hallmark Group of Companies positions us to become a local, national, and global leader, while enhancing our Workforce Accelerator Solution’s capabilities and service offerings within a solid and supportive infrastructure
  • Tech One is a Registered Sponsor with the Arizona Apprenticeship Program

For more information please contact:

Leanne Kinnard, President – Tech One IT


Paul Cozza, VP – Workforce Solutions