Whether You Are Interested in Starting a Technology Apprenticeship Program, in Need of an IT Solution, or Looking for Traditional Staffing, Tech One IT Is Dedicated to Providing Customized Solutions.


Our service lines serve as the pillars of our comprehensive unique value proposition for our clients. Our diverse portfolio of capabilities from our service lines enable us to provide the most customized and effective solution to our clients’ complex IT problems. Thus, we have proven ourselves to be reliable partners of our clients for the last 20 years. Through our dedicated service lines, Tech One IT is able to partner with our clients in order to enable both short-term and long term strategies as part of Tech One’s 360 Service Offering, a comprehensive solution strategy for our clients.


“No one was more skeptical than me…and now I am the program’s greatest champion…all they needed was a way into corporate America and the chance to prove themselves and no one was more surprised than me.”

Manager, IT Crew Systems Application Development

“To the surprise of detractors in the org, the folks in the TechOne Fresh-Out model exceeded all expectations. Not only were they capable test executors, on par with (or better than) more expensive contractors, but over time, they started writing test cases as well. They also brought high levels of enthusiasm and excitement the work and the team…It was something to learn, and they embraced the challenge.”

Sr. Manager, Application Development

“Congratulations are in order to your Apprenticeship Program recruiting team! The program has been a complete success for our organization! Each team member is providing value in many ways! The energy that the team members have brought to our team has been contagious and invigorating! The team members you have selected have had the appropriate level of base skills to grow upon, and their out of the box thinking has been awesome and refreshing! Our more senior team members are enjoying the opportunity to provide mentoring, resulting in stronger teams. All our team members advancing their skills while either teaching or learning!”

Sr. Manager – Operations Technologies, Safety, Security & Environmental

“I have had the pleasure to work WITH TechOne in finding local junior talent to add to my team. I have been able to work closely with several great individuals from TechOne that have invested into me, my team, my values, and my vision which has resulted in some of the most incredible additions to my teams. The results are encouraging to me to continue down this path and build on the relationship that I have with TechOne so that we can quickly meet the needs of my teams by adding top talent as quickly as possible.”

Manager, IT Application Development, Safety, Environmental, Compliance