Which Technology Certification is Worth More?

December 2, 2022


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When considering switching or initiating a service management software, you will need to train your employees to use it. Training is essential to ensuring your workflow runs smoothly, as most of this software has a learning curve. But is a technology certification worth the cost?

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Technology Certification for ServiceNow

ServiceNow offers courses and learning programs to certify employees and teams for their programs. There are different programs for the various areas of an organization that can be included in the ServiceNow interface, including ITSM or ITAM, employee service management, and customer service, among others. There is also an option to customize your training to best fit your program. These are the most time-consuming programs for certification, with the longest course in the Developer program taking an estimated three days.

Some of the programs offered by ServiceNow are free, but the certifications are not. The prices vary across certificates, but you can explore ServiceNow Learning to find the right choice for you and your team. They also have a feature where you can ask a question to an expert that is behind a paywall.

Our judgment: Technology certification is not worth the cost to a company. For. certified experts, utilize IT Staffing instead.

Jira Certifications

Jira programs are very convenient, with the fundamentals course being free and built-in for new Jira users. The fundamentals class only takes around 1.5 hours and has a short quiz at the end. After you complete your fundamentals course, they offer more advanced paths that start at $39. They also provide optional certifications that can cost up to $100. Because Jira is an Atlassian product and the training is through their parent company, users also have access to training on other Atlassian products for free through Atlassian University. This can be very helpful for companies who utilize the integrations that are a big part of Jira.

Our judgment: A technology certification for Jira is not necessary when you can access the training at a lesser charge. Employees may choose to become certified in order to boost their resumes.

SAP Training

SAP offers mostly free training, too. They have many programs to choose from that are rated by experience levels. They also offer SAP program-specific courses and live talks that you can attend. The courses can lead to certifications, which are behind a paywall. There are two options; the first gives you one exam attempt over the next year, and the second gives you six attempts. The one-attempt option is $200, and the six-attempt option is $500. The certifications could take 2-4 months to study while working. Keep in mind that the certificate is optional, and you can access the courses and live chats for free.

These are all similar training programs, but they can cost vastly different amounts of time and money. Consider the training on top of the cost of the program and the time it takes to learn how to use it.

Our judgment: A technology certification for SAP, like Jira, is not necessary when you can access the free training. If necessary, outsource or choose IT Staffing to get temporary access to highly-qualified employees.


If cost or time is holding you back from considering an upgraded system, you can also reach out to Tech One IT to learn about an apprenticeship program. Adopting an apprenticeship program gives you a pod of apprentices that have technology degrees and certifications but will learn more – and become certified, if required – while working on your projects. Learn more and get in touch: www.techoneit.com/technology-apprenticeship-program/

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