Hiring To Help The Economy

Nov 18, 2020

It’s no revelation that the national economy is teetering as Covid extends month after month. Tech companies are among the lucky few that are perfectly situated to succeed regardless of the stay-at-home restrictions. Largely because of the stay-at-home restrictions. 

Hiring To Help The Economy - Featured

Remote working has been a hindrance for many, but technology companies such as Tech One IT have been able to bring many organizations up to speed, with employees seamlessly and securely working from home and products moving into online shopping environments.


As technology companies flourish, they might be able to help the economy and other organizations bounce back by considering their hiring practices.


Geography and Hiring


While H1B visas are in question, many companies are taking a location-agnostic viewpoint to employees. There’s no need to only look in your backyard for talent anymore as employees are working remotely. Hiring outside of your immediate location might help employees to live in more affordable locales.


Many Silicon Valley companies are looking to the Silicon Desert (aka Phoenix, Arizona) for talent as the lifestyle in that location is more affordable, yet tech talent is plentiful.


Skillsets vs. Character


As more employees can manage the basic IT tasks, it becomes easier to expand certain roles and become uber focused on technology positions’ specific skillsets. To source those skillsets can be difficult, and ensuring the right character and cultural fit with your organization – especially while the organization is in flux due to the pandemic – becomes more difficult.


Tech One IT has developed and honed the T-shaped methodology for finding the right candidates to fit their client’s organization. We can match the teammate with the team and align the values of the organization. This leads to a better fitting employee, improved team morale, and less company employee turnover.


To see how Tech One IT’s staffing division can help you, please contact us: https://techoneit.com/contact/


Employing more candidates without increasing costs

The Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP) is a great solution for hiring during the COVID pandemic. By working with Tech One IT, you can bring in a team of highly-skilled technologists, usually fresh from college or university, to work on one project together. They are provided with mentors and support from the Tech One team as they work alongside your technology team. At the end of the program, our client is under no obligation to hire; however, our experience shows that hiring at least one TAP graduate is the norm.


Each apprentice from Tech One IT is a cost savings of approximately 60% over a full-time employee. Each apprentice is qualified and vetted by Tech One IT prior to engagement. These individuals have similar qualifications as experienced IT talent but exhibit a more open-minded approach to their job, not to mention their hunger for knowledge and appreciation for the opportunity.


Putting apprentices to work benefits the apprentices hired and the organizations with which they work. Perhaps not considered is the fact that it also benefits the apprentices not hired. The experience they earn and the ability to add to their resume is invaluable. After completing the TAP program, graduates are given further mentorship as they start a job search. Our experience with helping them move into full-time jobs has been incredibly positive as we know their talent, their character and can speak to their skillset personally.

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