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April 20, 2020


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COVID-19 has affected companies across the globe and, although the residual effects are yet to be seen, we can be sure that the economy will be affected.

The good news is that the effects of this pandemic are global, meaning a financial bounce back is a priority shared by all countries. The bad news is that companies, just like individuals, will tread lightly when it comes to their own budgets.

Companies like yours need to know how to get back on track after COVID-19. Tech One IT has a solution that will allow you to rebuild your workforce within the US, at the pace that matches your company growth, and at a cost that is more manageable than standard employment: our Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP).

What is TAP?

The Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP) recruits talented graduates from leading universities and technical schools to work with companies – either onsite or remotely – in need of IT talent. Apprentices are deployed in small groups and transition from junior level talent to fully functional technology professionals by the time their apprenticeship ends.

Our TAP solution pairs a team of junior apprentices with a Tech One team leader to act as their mentor and continuously expose them to training (personalized to their needs) to grow their skills while monitoring their progress. This teaches them how to effectively deliver in a results-driven environment. At the same time, the apprentices consume the bandwidth that would otherwise fall on the shoulders of an internal resource, mitigating the distraction to the core team and allowing them to stay focused on the core mission.

The end result is that you end up with a pool of knowledgeable, driven, and efficient talent available to add to your team.

Why Should Companies Choose Apprentices To Get Back To Business?

Cost Savings

Companies might be hesitant to hire aggressively, but there’s still a backlog of work that will need to get done. TAP is the faster, more cost-efficient method of getting that work completed.

Each apprentice from Tech One IT is a cost savings of approximately 60% over a full-time employee. Each apprentice is qualified and vetted by Tech One IT prior to engagement. These individuals have similar qualifications as experienced IT talent but exhibit a more open-minded approach to the job they are doing, not to mention their hunger for knowledge and appreciation for the opportunity.

Moldable Talent

Tech One IT apprentices are tested for skill and interviewed for values, ensuring that the fit will be perfect for your organization and your current teams.

The true benefit of an apprentice, as opposed to a full-time employee, is that they are a blank slate.
Apprentices have minimal employment experience and come with very few (if any) preconceived notions. They are open to guidance, and full of fresh ideas. Our clients have found the ability to train apprentices to their specifications to be a true gain over full-time employees that have a long list of expectations when hired.

Adaptable Talent

Now, more than ever, the college experience will pay off for recent gradates in ways we hadn’t previously considered. Many college courses occur online, just as student collaborations take place online, and our apprentices are experienced working in classrooms, coffee shops, and dorm rooms. They are adaptable, easily focused, and dedicated to specific goals. They can shift between an office environment or remote working without issue.

During quarantine, TAP has set up new initiatives at several technology firms and our clients, apprentices and their team leaders have reported no issues starting with a new team in a virtual environment.

Support System

Tech One IT is a company run by technology experts and technology recruitment specialists. This mix of skills allows us to help apprentices to create and navigate the first steps of their career path, manage all HR concerns, and assist them with any necessary technical training.

Tech One IT considers the apprentices to be part of our team, regardless of where they work, who they report to, or how long they’ve been on assignment. We will be there to celebrate their onboarding when they’re hired full time, or to place them in a new position if they are not chosen on their first round.

More Flexibility/ More Choice

Apprentices are fully aware that the apprenticeship may not end with an offer of full-time employment. Many of our clients warn apprentices that they are competing against each other for full-time opportunities. This competitive spirit encourages our apprentices to give their all, bring their best ideas, and deliver results faster to prove their worth.

Clients are not committed to hire any apprentice. At any time during the apprenticeship, if the fit is not perfect, Tech One IT can remove an apprentice from the team, replacing them with a better fit. There is never a full guarantee of any job at the end of the apprenticeship, meaning our clients have the opportunity to try-before-you-buy employees without commitment.

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