How To Become a T-Shaped Employee

Apr 27, 2021

To get hired by the company of your dreams, whether it’s a technology firm or the IT division of a larger organization, you’ll probably be assessed against the T-Shaped model. So, it’s essential to understand the methodology and learn how to showcase yourself as a strong candidate.

T-Shaped Employee

What Is A T-Shaped Employee?


When Tech One IT looks to hire technology employees for the Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP), we consider their knowledge, experience, education, and skillsets. We also get to know the applicant by asking questions that pertain to drive, character, and values. Placing the characteristics on top of the skills makes the T-Shaped methodology.


T-shaped employee


Once we have assessed the skills to be sure that the applicant can complete the tasks necessary for TAP, we dive much deeper into the applicant’s character. We list values (like humility, bravery, and passion) and consider the following questions (and more):


  • • Is this person willing to learn? (humility)
  • • Does this person have the ability to lead a team? (open-mindedness, entrepreneurial)
  • • Will the attention required by this person outweigh their production? In other words, will they take more from the team than they give? (resourcefulness)
  • • Is this person a good representative for our company? (social awareness, empathy)
  • • Will this person fit in with the team and the workplace? (adaptable)


Depending on the client that is requesting the apprenticeship program, we may have other questions.


The T-Shaped employee will have the skillset to complete the tasks, but more importantly, they will have the values that make them a good team member.


How Do You Market Yourself As A T-Shaped Employee?


At Tech One IT, we know the essential character traits are those mentioned in the list above. As you consider the job for which you are applying, be sure to indicate past experiences that show those values.


If you know you are working in an apprenticeship team, you’ll need to work within a diverse group. It would be beneficial to show that you can lead but are also a good listener, an empathetic character, and not afraid to speak up with ideas.


If you know you will work remotely, you’ll need to build trust with your manager, and you’ll need to understand the difference between urgent and important, and important, but not urgent. You’ll need to learn when to check-in and how to be resourceful enough to work alone. Bothering your manager with minor questions is terrible, but shining a light on a possible issue might be urgent.


The T-shaped employee is ideal for TAP, and we have had great success integrating our apprentices into some of the nation’s largest companies by following this methodology.


If you’re interested in learning more about TAP, click through to see how it works: Technology Apprenticeship Program


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