Will AI Take Over From Humans?

Dec 14, 2022

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has improved immensely over the last ten years. There is a lot of speculation about how this technology will continue to develop; namely, will AI take over humans? Here are the limits of AI as it stands today.

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Most AI is Used to Serve Us

For the time being, the only jobs that AI is performing are jobs that are helping us do things more efficiently. For example, AI is often used as the front runner to real customer service agents. It’s also used in most smart assistants. AI is even used in online advertisements or personalized recommendations when listening to music.

AI Can’t Exist Without Humans

One of the biggest reasons AI won’t take over humans is that it depends on humans to function. This doesn’t just mean that humans make AI; humans program AI, give them commands, and even charge them. Quite literally, they couldn’t do anything without us.


If you’re worried about AI gaining consciousness and conquering us, don’t be. AI works because of the inputs it receives, and its “creativity” is limited to these inputs. Further, the machine can only handle the information it is programmed to expect. This means that AI can only perform jobs it’s programmed to and can’t address any unexpected challenges. We live in a random universe where even we can’t predict every challenge we will face. Because of this, AI can’t exist in the real world.

AI is meant to help and work with humans, and it’s incapable of gaining consciousness and taking over the human race. Next time you see it in a movie, don’t lose sleep over it!

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