Where to Find Technology Jobs in 2023

December 8, 2022


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In our current labor market, technology jobs are plentiful, but knowing exactly where to look for them can be challenging. Here are a few categories of places to consider looking to find jobs that best fit your needs.

Classic Job Posting Boards

These are probably already in your wheelhouse and are often the first place people go to look for jobs. LinkedIn and Indeed are the most popular examples of these types of sites. These sites offer a massive quantity of job postings which can be positive or negative. The biggest problem with LinkedIn and Indeed is that they’re harder to moderate, and both are saturated, so searching for jobs often leaves you with many irrelevant jobs trying to get attention by keyword and tag stacking. This option may be very time-consuming, but it’s the best way to get as many options as possible. These sites also offer fewer tech-specific filtering options, so you may need to manually search for specific qualities you want in a job.

Technology Jobs Posting Boards

Technology-specific job boards can fix the problems LinkedIn and Indeed face, which are oversaturation of general jobs, and not enough technology jobs. Examples of  job boards specifically for technology jobs include Dice, which is the broadest version. There are also websites for high-paying or remote tech jobs. While these make it easier to find tech jobs, there are a few problems with their filtering systems. Dice, for example, doesn’t have experience level or education filtering. This can make it hard to find specific tech jobs for your qualifications.

Recruiting Companies

Recruiting companies can be a great way to find a job that fits all your needs without hours of job searching. These companies often have partnerships with multiple tech companies looking for talent, and they can match job seekers with these companies based on what both parties are looking for. The most significant benefit of recruiting companies is that you don’t have to deal with algorithms and keywords. You can talk to someone who can take what you are looking for and connect you with a role they see you being a good fit at. At a recruiting company, you may be given a smaller pool of positions to choose from, but you won’t have to deal with the problem of oversaturation on job posting boards and can find a job much faster.


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