What You Need To Know About Digital Enablement For 2021

February 3, 2021


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In today’s world, businesses are increasingly ditching what they’ve always known about relationships, processes and systems. In order to remain competitive and relevant, businesses are now embracing digital enablement to boost their innovation, agility and customer experience.

So, what exactly is digital enablement?

Digital enablement is basically about influencing the digital transformation journey of a company or organization by digitalizing their business platform. The purpose of this enablement is to achieve efficient business processes and deliver exceptional customer experience.

According to Wunderman Thompson, there are six phases of a digital enablement strategy:

  1. Technology adoption – Digital transformation in an organization begins with the adoption of new technology
  2. Onboarding – This is the process of orienting stakeholders to the new technology
  3. Operational alignment – This involves aligning technology, processes, systems and people to your overall goals and mission
  4. Training and support – ‘Hands-on’ workshops, drop-in clinics and in-person training sessions will accelerate the onboarding and upskilling of stakeholders
  5. Communication strategy – When implementing new technology, there needs to be standardized and clear communication channels for delivering messages
  6. Optimization and ROI – An effective digital enablement program will reduce the cost and time required to adopt a new technology. It will also minimize dependency on IT teams to handle business as usual (BAU) tasks

What to expect in 2021

Following COVID-19, organizations have been forced to adapt to a drastically changed business climate. This has been driven by three main factors:

  • Growth in contactless engagement
  • A shift to remote working
  • A need for advanced software to help navigate a future that is uncertain

Here are five digital enablement trends to expect in 2021:

  1. A shift to contactless solutions – There will be an increasing shift to digital technologies that minimize the need for physical contact
  2. Switch to virtual interaction – Since COVID-19, the number of US employees working from home has increased drastically. To manage a remote workforce, organizations will have to expand and their video conferencing capabilities
  3. Digital communication network upgrades – With the increasing demand for digital services, there will be an expansion of 5G cellular services that can meet the demand for high-volume, high-speed data communication
  4. Investment in scenario planning – More organizations will invest in post-COVID scenario planning software that will provide alternative scenarios about an uncertain future
  5. Greater investment in cloud technologies – The cloud offers unmatched scalability and agility, allowing companies to respond fast to new challenges and opportunities


The implementation of a successful digital enablement strategy requires skilled personnel. Established in 1999, Tech One specializes in providing skilled IT experts to guide and support organizations through the challenges of modern-day business.

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