Veterans Unemployment Levels Drop

February 16, 2022


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As a supporter of the veteran community, we are happy to announce that unemployment amongst veterans has dropped significantly over the past few months. 

In 2020, the veteran community saw a massive spike in unemployment, with the peak in April 2020 reaching around 11%. ( 

In January 2022, the unemployment rate for veterans was down to 3.5% ( The unemployment rate for civilians is higher at 4%.  The unemployment rate has held steady for the last couple of months, meaning the holiday rush, which is considered a seasonal hiring spike had little effect on the veteran community.

The types of jobs veterans are accepting

Veterans are in high demand due to their ability to their military training. This training imparts leadership skills, project management capabilities, and teamwork that is often missing from civilians exiting college, or jumping from another job.

In 2022, there is a scramble to hire veterans. Between the Great Resignation and those aging out of the workforce, there are several million jobs without anyone ready to step into them, across all sectors. In the tech sector, there is expected to be 1 million more jobs than people in 2022 (

Occupation Veterans Nonveterans
Management, business, and financial operations occupations 20.3 18.5
Transportation and material moving occupations 10.9 6.9
Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations 6.6 3.0
Production occupations 6.3 5.1

Source: Dept Of Labor 

With this kind of demand, veterans should weigh their options carefully. Look to opportunities that will set you on a pathway to a long-term career rather than a job that pays the bills today, but doesn’t offer much in the way of growth.

At Tech One IT, we offer several opportunities in the tech sector for veterans. If you have experience and are looking for a new job, consider registering with our IT Staffing division by clicking here. If you are a transitioning veteran, with little or no tech experience, we can help you too! Apply for our Technology Apprenticeship Program and get your foot in the door at one of the nation’s fastest growing companies. Apply now by clicking here.


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