The New Technology Skills Worth Learning

August 18, 2020


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Do you want to break into the world of technology? Are you unsure which tech skills you’ll need to maximize your future marketability?

The tech industry is seemingly changing daily. You learn one new skill on Monday, and by Friday, it’s out of date. If you want to get ahead, you’ve got to look to the future. The very best IT professionals are always searching for the next big game-changer. Being the expert in that new thing will give you an edge over your competitors.

Here are the future technologies we think you should read up on.

Business Management Software

More and more businesses, big and small, are using business management software to streamline their workload. The software will help you eliminate errors, complete your tasks, and improve overall efficiency.

Essentially, it’s a set of programs or a single application which allows a business to automate their processes. Business management app tools can upgrade database software, look after invoicing procedures, and manage assets, to name just a few.

Business management app tools are the future; learning how to maximize their effectiveness could make you the ideal candidate.

Salesforce  – The CRM leader

Salesforce removes the barriers between companies and customers. Their technology is seamless, meaning employees in marketing and those in HR see the same customer view. Using a tool like Salesforce enables companies to better understand their customers, through a single sign-on, all-inclusive customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Before Salesforce, companies would have to build and maintain their own CRM solutions, often using tools like Excel that wouldn’t share easily and offered no flexibility. Salesforce moves all data to the cloud allowing full (and live) accessibility to the departments that need it. Companies can easily track their sales and marketing, and examine every analytic to maximize their output.

With a tool like Salesforce, one can resolve customer issues and personalize interactions. It will help a company tailor its marketing, improving lead generation and upselling opportunities. Knowing the ins and outs of Salesforce are skills we think are worth having.

Pegasystems – A must for big business

Pegasystems is one of the industry leaders in business management tools, specializing in digital process automation and customer relationship management.

Pega helps companies capture, track, and automate on one unified platform. It’s a leader in cloud software and is favored by businesses for its excellent customer engagement.

The system’s simple design allows corporations to build high-quality apps quickly and to fulfill their needs. But, when it’s time to upgrade, there’s high demand within the IT industry for a Pega specialist.

ServiceNow – Champions in flexibility

ServiceNow is perfect for businesses that want to automate and track their work. This management tool helps companies improve their workflow in HR, customer service, and IT. But, it does a whole host of other things.

ServiceNow offers users a wide variety of applications to aid their business. With roots in IT management, the tool specializes in IT infrastructure and services, providing simple ticketing and help desk solutions.

But its benefits can be seen across business functions, providing automated services, while maintaining clear visibility throughout. Become an expert in this system, and these skills might just land you your next job.

Where you come in

The demand for business management systems is continuously rising. More and more companies now see it as an ideal way to maximize efficiency and improve customer relationships. But setting one up and ensuring its maintenance is a pretty tricky task for the uninitiated.

That’s why Tech One IT’s Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP) could be ideal if you want to sell yourself as a business management software expert. Our apprentices are technology-agnostic and receive training and mentorship, while working with some of the nation’s most forward-thinking organizations. Tech professionals will expand their knowledge and skills enough to become trusted IT staff.

If you want to be a Salesforce, Pegasystems, or ServiceNow guru, contact us about TAP today! We’ll make sure you’re thriving when we get to the other side of this Coronavirus crisis. We can’t wait to begin setting you up with an apprenticeship that will get you started on a lifelong career in IT!

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