Tech apprenticeships could be the best choice for non-tech companies

September 22, 2021


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Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular for technology companies looking to bulk up their team and for larger organizations in need of additional employees in the tech division to complete a project. One of the less obvious sectors that is starting to recognize the benefits of a technology apprenticeship program is the smaller, non-tech business.

B2C companies like retail organizations, or B2B companies like creative agencies, are considering technology apprenticeships as a way to move into the next level. In order to move from a small business to a medium-sized business, these companies need to invest in platforms that streamline processes and move the dial from manual to automatic.


Platforms like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle, and SAP provide excellent methods to streamline daily functions, but adopting any one of these platforms is a lengthy process that requires a team of technologists to customize, build, train, and tweak the system to fit your business.


An apprenticeship team is often integrated into a fully-fledged IT department. That isn’t always the case, though. Tech One IT has been called up to oversee projects in which the apprenticeship team completes the bulk of the work while being overseen by one of our IT Solutions project teams. With this approach, a non-tech company would receive the benefits of an experienced IT Solutions leader and the cost savings of an apprenticeship team. Together, you receive an added bonus of speed to market.


If you are looking to invest in your business’ infrastructure, the mix of IT Solutions and apprenticeship team could be exactly what you need. Reach out for a quick and free consultation to see how we can help you.


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