How To Write A Technology Apprenticeship Resume

June 11, 2021


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Writing your resume is not easy, but there is a set formula for applying to your average job that has been written about time and again. A technology apprenticeship is not your average job.

Most resumes focus on experience first, education second, and any groups or volunteer experience last. An apprenticeship resume doesn’t have to stick to these formulas. Knowing what hiring managers are looking for when you apply for an apprenticeship will help you create the perfect resume, whether you have experience in the field or not.


The Cover Letter

The cover letter is an overused tool in most instances, but not when it comes to apprentices. This is your big shot to answer “Why should we hire you?”

When we recruit for TAP (Tech One’s Technology Apprenticeship Program,) we use the T-shape to consider who might fit well into a team of apprentices and also work well within the greater technology team at our client’s location. The T-shape means that skills are the vertical line of the T and character is the horizontal base. This indicates that skill, experience, and education are less important to us than the right character.

At TAP, we look for individuals that are humble, entrepreneurial, curious, and driven. In your cover letter, explain why you would be a good choice for the program. Bring in experiences to back up your point and give us an idea of what you hope to gain from TAP.

The Experience section

When you are looking for a technology apprenticeship it is not expected that you have a lot of experience. Instead of listing your work experience first, consider listing the life experiences that set you apart.

At TAP we seek out the right personalities to build our apprentice teams. We want adventurous people that can show they are brave enough to speak up and offer suggestions. The first thing we would like to see on an apprentice resume is an entrepreneurial state of mind. We would like to see the experience that shows you’ll move outside of your comfort zone, like joining a fraternity or sorority, working on the school newspaper, starting a side business, having a hobby that isn’t gaming, like robot wars, or traveling to strange destinations (visiting your Nana in Destin is not exactly what we mean!)

The Education Section

When looking at technology apprentices’ resumes, we definitely consider what education and certifications they have in the tech field, so please list it, but let’s add some sparkle to this section.

Why not get some quotes from your instructor that speaks to your character and add them here? Consider how you went above and beyond the norm in each class? Did you take the initiative and self-learn something extra? Add it here!  

One successful TAP graduate put herself through college while working nights at a suicide prevention clinic. This is the drive we love to hear about!


The References

References are important to list, but what’s more important is teeing up your references. There’s nothing worse than calling a reference and they have no idea why you’re calling. Reach out to professors and tell them to expect a call, let your previous employer know they’ve been listed, and ensure your fraternity brother knows what to say before we call. One bad apple can spoil the lot!

A resume with minimal experience shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing, especially when applying for an apprenticeship. Be creative, keep it neat, and add your own special sparkle in order to stand out!

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