How to Optimize your ServiceNow Resume

Dec 22, 2021

ServiceNow is among the most essential platforms for 2021/ 2022. Allowing enterprise organizations to pivot from remote work and back to in-office is just one of the many ways that ServiceNow makes business manageable. 

With ServiceNow closing 2021 with a hugely successful year, it is logical that technology companies are searching for employees that can help with ServiceNow integration, administration, and maintenance. These hiring managers also use AI to increase the likelihood of finding the perfect candidate. How can you get the ServiceNow job you deserve by using the same AI methods to push your resume to the top of the pile? Let’s take a deeper dive.

How to Optimize your ServiceNow Resume

How Does AI “read” resumes? 


Most large employers and staffing agencies use a talent management system (TMS). This is a type of database that collects resumes coming from multiple sources. If you apply for a particular job, your resume will be attached to that job until the job closes. Then, your resume floats around the TMS. When a search is done for a particular skill or platform that’s listed on your resume, like “ServiceNow,” 

your resume will be listed for consideration. 


The methodology is very similar to how Google reads websites. 


How to ensure your resume will be found


If you want a ServiceNow job, you must have “ServiceNow” on your resume. It’s that simple! What’s not quite as simple is making sure your resume rises to the top of the pile. 


First, make sure ServiceNow is spelled correctly. Second, know the culture of the ServiceNow community. The people that are dedicated to this platform will tell you that the abbreviation SNOW is hated by the community. Using this on your resume could work against you!


Second, list the skillsets that you used while working on the ServiceNow project. These, along with “ServiceNow,” will be used to filter through resumes in the TMS. Words as generic as “Developer” and as specific as “IAT Level II Certification”                      could help you jump to the top of the pile. Once you are being considered as one of the shortlisted candidates, you’ll need previous employers (if you worked for a staffing firm, list the company for whom you were performing the work, and mention the staffing firm in the description)


Finally, make sure to list the location where you want to be working. This is vital! According to one report, 90% of companies work with staffing agencies to fill their jobs. One of the many benefits of a staffing agency is the speed they can fill positions. Therefore, they consider local job seekers above all others. Location is one of the primary filters used to search for resumes. 


Following these tips should help you get more callbacks for ServiceNow jobs. If you would like to get more of these tips in the future, please be sure to follow us on LinkedIn by clicking this link: 



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