How to Make It Through the Shortage of Tech Talent

A recent report revealed that a tech talent shortage will be one of the main challenges that businesses will fail in the coming years. The issue is so bad that it is estimated up to 85 million jobs could remain unfilled until 2030 due to a shortage of skilled people to take them! 

What are the main causes of the talent shortage?

There are numerous technical, geopolitical, and business reasons that have led to the current tech talent shortage:

Emerging technologies

The rapid adoption of emerging technologies has been a major cause of talent shortage. With such inventive technologies as data analytics, machine learning, blockchain, cybersecurity, and AI being quickly adopted by businesses, educational institutions cannot produce enough skilled manpower to meet the demand.

Number of retiring workers

An increasing number of professionals (especially baby boomers) are retiring from the workforce. As a result, many U.S. companies are finding themselves short of talent.

The Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the effects of Covid-19, many businesses all over the world were forced to make drastic technological transformations. As a result, the demand for tech talent exceeded supply.

Increasing skill gaps

Ten years ago, marketing managers didn’t need skills in search engine marketing or social media to succeed. However, businesses are now increasingly dependent on these digital strategies for advertising. There is, therefore, a great need for people with knowledge and skills in the same.


How to deal with the shortage in tech talent

Here are some of the strategies that businesses can adopt to deal with the tech talent gap:

Minimize hiring time

Some businesses have a very long hiring process. The danger is that the candidate you are considering might have also applied for a job elsewhere. If you are too slow, then your competition might end up hiring them.

Speed up your recruiting by leaning on a company such as Tech One IT that has a pipeline of qualified technology talent, already vetted, and ready to work.

By working with a staffing agency like Tech One IT, you can access a readily available pipeline of talent. Check out our staffing solutions here:

Look to alternative methods of hiring.

The Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP) at Tech One IT places entry-level technology employees at businesses ranging in size. These pods of employees work as a team, with mentorship from Tech One IT. At the end of the project, the apprentices are assessed and may be offered a full-time role. This methodology encourages competitiveness and provides employers with an excellent way of assessing talent and character to find the best fit for the company. Since the technology talent shortage, many of our clients have extended the apprenticeships, and some have hired several of the apprentices in full-time roles.

Expand talent outreach

As remote working becomes increasingly common, companies that are struggling to find tech talent could consider outsourcing technology projects. The Tech One IT Solutions team is always available to work on a per-project or outsourcing basis.



Are you struggling to find qualified employees for your company? Collaborating with a trusted IT staffing partner could help you fill tech gaps faster than the traditional hiring process. Tech One IT offers flexible staffing options that address the current tech talent shortage.


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