How to hire entry-level tech employees that are actually ready for the workforce

It’s no secret that many graduates fresh from college are not prepared for the working world. Unfortunately, with the great resignation and the push for more remote working nationwide, it has become increasingly difficult to hire the experienced talent you might want. So, where can you turn for an entry-level technology employee that is ready for the work environment, able to work remotely, and affordable?

Answer: Apprenticeship graduates.

 At Tech One IT, we partner with colleges and universities, as well as trade schools and veterans transitioning from the military. We assess skill level and use the T-Shaped methodology to place candidates into the best apprenticeship for them. By graduation from the apprenticeship, the apprentices have put their learned skills learned into practice, but the biggest value to hiring managers considering them after apprenticeship graduation are the soft skills they have learned.


When considering an entry-level employee, it’s nearly impossible to assess their values and character without thorough testing. Knowing this information about your new hire could save your organization thousands of dollars in employee turnover. Being able to predict whether an employee will work well on the team, and whether they are comfortable enough to add value is an ability most hiring managers don’t have. At Tech One IT, we start our apprentices with character testing so that we have extensive information about the type of fit they are within a team. Upon graduation, we can provide – without a doubt – the strongest character assessment possible.


In 2022, employers still expect to be pivoting from remote work to in-person and back again. This is the new norm. The level of trust required to hire a new team member to work remotely is extremely high and unstable. Many of our technology apprentices work 100% from home. When we set up apprenticeships with new clients, we are able to onboard with our own methodology (or adapt to our client’s methodology) for remote team management. Our process ensures apprentices feel supported, while managers know that their team is working at full capacity, even without eyes on them throughout the workday.


Technology apprentices are more affordable than an average entry-level new hire if you consider that all onboarding costs and training are covered (or shared) by Tech One IT. In addition, we are able to mentor our apprentices so that our own attrition rates are much lower than that of the traditional entry-level new hire. Given that the cost of turnover is 1.5 to 2 times the employee’s salary and about 20% of employees leave within their first 45 days of employment, the potential cost savings of hiring from Tech One IT is huge.


Hiring in 2021 was a struggle for many tech teams and the struggle is expected to continue in 2022. To get ahead and reach the best employees, or to start a tech apprenticeship at your company, get in touch with us today!

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