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February 4, 2022


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The nation’s best universities are investing heavily in programs that are focused on artificial intelligence, but to earn a bachelor’s degree will take four years, excellent high school grades, and big bucks. The tuition at Carnegie-Mellon, which leads the pack of AI degrees is $76,715 per year ($306,860 for four years). (Carnegie Mellon)

By the time you graduate from a four-year program, it’s not a stretch to think that what you’ve learned is no longer relevant.

How fast is artificial intelligence changing

“The crisis accelerated the adoption of analytics and AI, and this momentum will continue into the 2020s, surveys show. Fifty-two percent of companies accelerated their AI adoption plans because of the Covid crisis, a study by PwC finds. Just about all, 86%, say that AI is becoming a “mainstream technology” at their company in 2021. Harris Poll, working with Appen, found that 55% of companies reported they accelerated their AI strategy in 2020 due to Covid, and 67% expect to further accelerate their AI strategy in 2021.” (

With the rapid adoption, it makes sense that IT professionals would want to become experts. So, how can you learn what you need to know without losing four years, and more money than you could make in a year?

Technology Apprenticeships

Fortune 500 companies are turning to IT solutions providers like Tech One IT that have set technology apprenticeship programs. The program at Tech One places graduates and veterans with little or no experience in the workplace into teams that work together on projects for the Fortune 500 company. The projects we work on run the gamut, but include artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and IoT.

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In this way, the Fortune 500 company can test the skills and culture fit of each apprentice before making a final hiring decision. The apprentice gains real-world experience at big-name companies on exciting projects, using state-of-the-art technology like artificial intelligence while getting paid. During the apprenticeship, Tech One is lining up jobs for the graduating apprentices.

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