How To Ensure Job Security In Your Tech Career

IT is arguably the safest job field as the world continues to become more reliant on technology. Even early integrators have more IT work than they can manage as new installations, upgrades, and cleaning of the work processes are a constant necessity. That being said, the number of graduates with technology degrees rise each year. Add on to that the inevitable ease of upgrading and personalizing software integrations that we will see in the future and the economic fallout from COVID-19, and those in technology might start to worry about job security. 

What can you do to at least strengthen the chances of keeping your job?

Keep your skills sharp.

The biggest technology companies in the world roll out updates to software twice a year at least. If your skillset spans many versions, you are more likely to offer skills that might be harder to come by. This makes you more of a commodity. 

Widen your skillset

In addition to keeping your necessary skills updated, you should consider grabbing some qualifications that are outside the norm. Perhaps add on video production skills or graphic design. This can make you more valuable than your competitors and could also allow you to stay with the company but move to a different division if necessary. 

Expand your experience

After decades of working with technology experts, I can verify that having experience across differing software, or at least the differing versions of software is looked up more highly than any kind of training. Real-world experience allows you to show that you have faced the challenges that inevitably come up, and you conquered them. The experience can be carried over and your opinion will become more valuable as a result. 

To get experience straight out of college, many graduates from leading universities and technical schools are looking to our Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP) to gather experience with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.  

Choose jobs taking culture into consideration

Applying for a new job is usually a pretty desperate time. Most of us decide on the job based on the workload and the pay primarily. As you get further into your career, you make take benefits into consideration and look up company reviews from previous employees, but very rarely do you do a lot of research on the company’s culture. 

If you find that the culture is not your cup of tea, you will have a hard time fitting in. This can make it harder to hold on to your job in times of stress for the company. To find out about the culture, look at the reviews online, check out their social media pages, and consider reaching out to someone who works there through LinkedIn.

Build a relationship with a technology recruiting company

Applying for jobs blindly is difficult. Most large companies work with recruiters and start-up companies simply have fewer jobs to choose from. By working with a recruiter – and staying in touch after they find the job you want – they can help you work up to the career of your dreams. If you are clear about your long term plans, a recruiter can work as a career coach throughout the ebbs and flows of your career. Should the job of your dreams open up, they’re more likely to hear about it and know the right person to contact before it turns up on your desk. 

Tech One IT is fully invested in finding the right job for our technology experts. Whether you are a recent graduate or finding yourself in need of a fresh start, you can learn more about our Technology Apprenticeship Program on our website. If you need help finding a new job or a better career, our IT Staffing division would love to help! 

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