How to Change Careers from Military to IT

October 11, 2022


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Leaving the military presents so many challenges for veterans, including finding a job. The VA says that culture gaps between military and civilian life and a lack of seamless integration between veteran care programs are to blame for this trouble. IT can be a fantastic career for veterans and you can learn how to get involved here!

Why IT?

Veterans find a lot of success in IT because the skills they learn in the military are highly applicable to the field. Soft skills like discipline, commitment, flexibility, and adaptability are great for technology professionals to have. The military also prepares you with teamwork skills that can be valuable when working at a larger company. These are all incredibly important soft skills that you should highlight on your resume.

Experience and qualifications learned in the military also transfer well to IT. there are, of course, obvious military careers that transfer, like cyber security/ terrorism roles, but most roles in the military bring in some aspects of technology that will give you a step up when moving over to a civilian career.

What is IT like?

The field is very broad. You can choose many different career paths with varying levels of responsibilities, education requirements, and pay.

To be successful in the field, having an analytic and methodical mind, and the ability to take initiative, as well as the strength to bounce back from frustrating situations, are all characteristics that will serve you well. You may work as part of a team, which gives you the chance to collaborate and lean on others, but you will also find yourself working alone plenty. In other words, IT jobs are extremely well-rounded!

How to get an IT education.

There are so many options to choose from to get an education to further your career in IT. The most traditional is attending a university or certification program. These can present downsides though. Often, the skillsets you learn during a four-year program are outdated by the time you graduated. Certification programs are faster but are still costly.

Another option is an apprenticeship program. Apprenticeship programs are a combination of on-the-job training and education. You can get a certification, on-the-job training, and career experience all at once. Tech One IT offers The Technology Apprenticeship Program for Servicemembers (TAPS). This is a technology apprenticeship designed explicitly for veterans like you.

Tech One provides all the benefits of an apprenticeship while being able to connect you to your future employer. If you are interested in this program visit

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