How Technology Is Taking Over Vehicles

March 1, 2022

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We’ve discussed many times that technology is a stable career, and here is another example: technology has taken over every aspect of our vehicles.

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Let’s take a look at some of the latest innovations that technology teams are working on with cars that are currently available and what’s expected to come next.

Technology in today’s vehicles 

At the 2022 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), self-driving cars and automotive technology were leading topics.  While many of us might consider the technology of our own cars, John Deere was at the show to talk as a leader in agriculture; and the official racecar of the Indy Autonomous Challenge was unveiled. 

Autonomous Race Cars

The Indy Autonomous Challenge was a high-speed head-to-head race of vehicles at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 2021 was the first year for this contest, and 41+ universities from around the world competed for prizes equaling $1 million dollars. 

The competition may be fun, but that’s not its only purpose. “Beyond improving safety and environmental quality, the IAC seeks to help overcome three prominent barriers to automated vehicle (AV) commercialization:

  • Solving “edge case” scenarios – Problems or situations that occur only at an extreme operating parameter, such as avoiding unanticipated obstacles at high speeds while maintaining vehicular control, need to be addressed to ensure safety across all operating environments;
  • Catalyzing new AV technologies and innovators – Automated vehicles are too expensive for scaled commercial deployment, and automakers and tech companies are seeking sources of new intellectual property (IP) and qualified engineers and software developers; and
  • Engaging the public to help ensure acceptance and use of AV technologies – Increased experience with and exposure to AVs can help facilitate an understanding of them and their potential advisors.” (

Technology In Tractors

Imagine life for a farmer: starting your day at the crack of dawn, or earlier, and ending it at sundown, in a tractor. Completing only that task all day, as other tasks pile up.

John Deere is dedicated to enhancing the lives of farmers, including creating 100% autonomous tractors. Now, a farmer can control a tractor from a smartphone, including 24-hours of tilling acres of land. The app warns the farmer when objects are in the way, alerts when gas is low and stays on track to complete rows of plowing when even the human eye has issues. Autonomous vehicles on a farm allow farmers to produce more with less labor. 

See more about autonomous tractors here:

Technology in consumer vehicles

Augmented Reality

Although GPS is now standard in most vehicles, augmented reality will place directions, along with other information, directly on the windshield. Augmented reality is available on some vehicles already, but is expected to improve soon to include eye and head tracking so that it keeps up with the driver at all times. 

Thermal Imagery

Animals are one of the leading causes of accidents. By adding thermal imagery to vehicles, cars can warn drivers of oncoming animals, pedestrians, and bikes to avoid these accidents. 

Tech Companies are Partnering With Vehicle Manufacturers

Ford announced a partnership with Google, “Magna-Steyr, an Austrian manufacturer, builds entire cars for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Jaguar,” and Volvo is working with Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn. (ConsumerReports)

While there are more technological developments in the automotive industry than we can report here, it is just another example of the staying power of technology. If you are interested in a career in technology, but you’re finding it hard to get your foot in the door, check out the Tech One IT Technology Apprenticeship Program. It’s an excellent way to work on some of the nation’s most innovative projects, while also gaining experience and on-the-job training. 

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