How Technology Is Helping Ukraine

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th 2022, companies all over the globe have been using technology to help Ukrainians. Several hours before the movement of tanks or launch of missiles, Microsoft had already detected cyberattacks targeted at Ukraine’s digital infrastructure. The Ukraine government was immediately notified and took steps to neutralize the situation. This is just one example of how tech companies are using their expertise, capabilities and resources to help Ukraine.

Here are other ways technology is being used to help the people of Ukraine:

Humanitarian aid

Through platform-based fundraising, tech companies have helped raise millions of dollars towards humanitarian aid. These donations are channeled directly to organizations providing support to Ukrainians, such as UNHCR, Save the Children, UNICEF, IRC, World Food Program and the Red Cross. A good example is the fundraising campaign on Instagram and Facebook that raised over $30 million from 750,000 users. Millions of dollars have also been raised in form of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Other organizations are providing different forms of in-kind humanitarian assistance. Airbnb is offering free temporary housing for refugees, while Uber is providing complimentary rides out of Ukraine. To mitigate internet disruptions, SpaceX launched satellite internet using Starlink, a division of SpaceX.

Resisting Russian propaganda 

Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, tech companies have been actively combating false information distributed by the Russian government. Microsoft and Google blocked Russian media companies Sputnik News and RT and prevented them from advertising on their platforms Bing,, Google News, YouTube, and more. Doing their part, social media giants Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are flagging and demoting state-sponsored news.

Protecting Ukrainian’s privacy and safety

Working in conjunction with Ukrainian authorities, Apple and Google have deactivated map data tools that reveal information on activity in local communities. Meta has concealed information on Instagram and Facebook about people’s connections and who they are following. In addition, Facebook is sharing datasets with select, trusted partners in order to forecast refugee flows.

Highlighting resources 

Search engines and social media have been crucial tools for Ukrainians to find assistance and information. Google created an SOS alert that people can use to easily find evacuation and refugee information. Twitter is providing vital safety recourses in Russian, Ukrainian and English on its timeline and search. Facebook’s Community Help has come in handy as a resource for those seeking medical care, reliable information and mental health tips.


The Russia-Ukraine conflict has shown how technology can be life-saving in such crisis situations. At Tech One IT, we provide career opportunities that could break new ground and assist in making our world better. Tech One IT offers a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities for anyone interested in a tech career. Join our Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP) today.

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