How Poor IT Choices Can Crash Your Holiday Sales.

November 22, 2022


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During the holidays, businesses see a massive spike in sales. IT plays a big part in these sales, and it’s not just online. Here is what could go wrong during the holidays if IT choices aren’t planned well. 

Website design

Website speed can be one of the most important ways to get conversions. Most users expect a webpage to load within 2 seconds, and many companies have found that faster pages drive more conversions. Websites may be slower around the holidays as mobile traffic tends to increase. Mistakes in IT can drastically decrease the speed of a website, which can be detrimental during the holidays. 

Not expecting the worst.

Holiday sales traffic skyrockets around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some estimates say that in 2022, eCommerce alone will make up to $236 billion. Make sure you expect the worst regarding how many people will be on your website and plan accordingly. Another essential thing to consider is that there is an established trend that mobile traffic increases during the holidays. 

Inventory issues

Many companies have automated inventory systems. This should be tested and proven accurate and up to date in the weeks before the holiday season. Mistakes in IT related to inventory systems can lead to overselling or underselling.


Scheduling employees or meetings is vital during the holidays. Employees will have less time to spare and are often looking for time off, so having a good scheduling system in place will help your business stay fully staffed and ready for the holidays. IT can aid this in many automated scheduling tools by blocking off time-off requests from employees to make it easier for managers to schedule. 


The holidays are a great time to run sales or give discounts. The logistics of this can be very dependent on IT, and mistakes can lead to disappointed customers and a damaged brand image. It can also be heavily involved in email marketing, especially when you have multiple places to get a customer’s email for future contact.

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