How IT Hiring is Changing with the Internet

Sep 21, 2022

Hiring has been completely changed by the internet. IT is one of the many fields that benefits from the speed and accessibility the internet has brought to recruiting. 

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Talent accessibility


The most profound way the internet has changed recruitment, and perhaps the way we live life, is that all the tools you need to be hired are incredibly accessible. There was a time when recruitment consisted of putting out a hiring sign, but now companies should post on job boards and advertise they are hiring. 


With the accessibility of talent comes the accessibility of factors like education. This accessibility means the talent you’re searching for is more likely to be highly-educated, especially with programs like online degree programs or certificate programs lowering the cost of education. 


Brand and job marketing 


Companies now need to market their company and job to attract employees. They should create a company brand, use their company culture to their advantage and be honest about what the job will be like. Employees have more power through the internet to communicate about management styles and work-life balance. Companies should use this to their advantage since this is a growing priority for younger generations. 




The Internet has also allowed for massive scaling of hiring. The accessibility of job information has made hiring large numbers of people easier than ever. It has also made this process faster than ever. This is how big companies can scale so quickly, and IT has benefited from it immensely. 


Proving your talent


With the rise of LinkedIn, features like Skill Assessments have become more popular. These features allow candidates to prove their skills, and the internet enables them to create portfolios of past projects and accomplishments. It gives employers a good idea of what kind of work the candidate is skilled at, but it allows candidates to highlight work they have enjoyed and are experienced in. 

How Tech One IT is changing the hiring landscape. 


The upside of having all hiring online is the accessibility to talent. The downside – which is massive – is the sheer enormity of talent and jobs! Tech One IT has spent years building a strong presence online in order to stand apart from the competition. On LinkedIn alone, Tech One IT reaches over 2,000 individuals within the technology industry every 7 days. If you want to hire tech talent faster, reach out to us today!

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