Graduates: 5 Places To Post Your Resume That You May Not Have Considered.

June 10, 2020


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The job outlook for college graduates in 2020 is different from any time in the past. There is the consideration of COVID-19 and the unsure economy and now, the political stability of our nation adds another strange element to consider as businesses start to open. But there are options out there, and the best industry to be in right now is probably the tech industry. That being said, the competition is fierce, so how can you stand out? One way is to put your resume where other graduates haven’t considered.

Here are our five recommended spots for posting your resume, that you may not have considered:

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the leading social network for all things career and business-related. When you are looking for a job, one of the first places employers will look for information about you is on LinkedIn. So, be sure to take the following steps:

• Build out your profile with all past work experience
• Ask for references through LinkedIn so that they show up directly on your profile.
• Write a summary about yourself that talks about your strengths. Don’t use this as a space to talk about what you want – make it more about what you have to offer.
• Make sure your location is the same as the location where you want to work. Most employers do not want to start the hiring process if you are not already local.
• Make sure your photo is updated and professional.
• Upload your resume. In the About section of your profile, click the pencil edit icon and scroll down to the Media section. This is where you’ll upload your resume file (go with a pdf version), add a title and description (this will show up on your LinkedIn profile and could encourage people to click on the resume), and hit Save.
• Celebrate your effort! 🥳


This is not an unusual spot to post a tech resume. It’s basically their bread and butter. But, it’s imperative that your resume is where the headhunters are looking.

3. Reddit

Reddit is where you might normally go to get feedback on a project or ask for opinions on your work, but all of those contacts that you’ve made on Reddit could now come in handy.

Find the Reddit communities that represent your interests and start networking. Reach out to frequent commenters by responding positively to their posts. If the opportunity arises, try posting your resume in the feed (if you host it on your website and use a link, you’ll be able to track what is working) with a request to forward to hiring managers. Alternatively, ask who the hiring manager at a target company is, and whether the company is hiring. By becoming a positive member of the communities, you may build lifelong relationships that will benefit your career for years to come.

4. Slack

Similar to Reddit, Slack has become full of communities that work on different technology platforms. Getting involved in these communities will help you to reach employers, network with fellow techies, and get feedback on specific employers.

Treat Slack the same way you treat Reddit. Although it’s a casual environment, do not overstep boundaries or come across as confrontational. Some people may believe that will help them to stand out, but in our experience, it’s never helped push a career forward.


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