Five things Job Seekers are Demanding in 2022

Hiring is harder today than it has been for years. The economy is strong but not stable, and health concerns are more of an issue than ever before. Job seekers may need to work, but there are so many open jobs that they will pick and choose the jobs based on these five things: 


One in three employees threatened to quit if their remote jobs became back-in-office once Covid restrictions lifted. Now that Covid and its many variants are a part of our daily lives, companies should be ready to provide the opportunity to work from home or in the office whenever possible.

Flexibility is not just about working from home. It also provides the job seeker with a glimpse into how employees are treated. If work-from-home is offered, many job seekers see the hiring company as one that trusts their employees.


Our nation is diverse, and diversity strengthens the workforce. By showcasing your hiring practices take diversity into consideration, you are showing job seekers that your workplace is one where opinions are valued. At Tech One IT, we track diversity amongst our teammates and value the growth that comes from differing viewpoints.

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Salary is not the most important factor for job seekers. That being said, if two companies line up with similar values, a job seeker is more likely to choose the higher salary, wouldn’t you say? Knowing the correct salary to offer each job seeker is vital, so a salary guide could greatly benefit hiring managers. If your budget doesn’t allow for a higher salary range, you might consider looking for an alternate hiring method, like an apprenticeship program.

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Interviewing is not fun for anyone. Even hiring managers hate having to line up more than one interview, so when a job seeker is asked to jump through multiple interviews with multiple people, they often bale. If you have more than one person that needs to vet your new employee, get aligned so that you can interview together. Ensure you know who will ask what and put a time limit to the interview. Alternatively, work with a staffing company that is more experienced in the process, has a pipeline of candidates, and can get someone that fits your needs much faster.

Employee Value Proposition

In 2022, the big talk is about Employee Value Propositions. In short, this is the promise you make to employees about your company culture. It can be a short and sweet sentence, but the words mean nothing without the proof to back it up.

Awards like Best Places To Work, internal recognition programs, and an emphasis on teams (even when working virtually) are driving more and more job applicants to companies. It’s also a concept that’s easier to manage when your team is small or tight-knit. The TAP team at Tech One IT provides mentors to each teammate so that every person is 100% supported without slowing down the team’s focus.

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