Enterprise Resilience (part two of two): 5 Questions to Shape Your Future.

September 11, 2020


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Last week we shared five of the ten questions we use to assess each client’s enterprise resilience. Using their answers, we build a resilience strategy. 

For the first five questions, please click here: https://techoneit.com/enterprise-resilience-5-questions-to-shape-your-future/.

Over the last few months, businesses worldwide have recognized the insecurity of business continuity during COVID-19. The situation is fluid, and while there are solutions on the horizon, we have no way of knowing when they will be viable. The only certainty is that many businesses are in danger.

At Tech One IT, we have been called upon to initiate work-from-home protocols for large and small businesses. We take a holistic approach for every project we tackle, ensuring that we provide service and solutions that will work for our clients regardless of the pandemic situation, considering any growth strategies laid out or the possibility of expanding (or constricting) hiring capabilities.

These are five of the questions we ask to ensure enterprise resilience:


1. Do you have a pivot plan?

Most of our clients have a pivot plan at this point (if you don’t, check out our building blocks here: https://techoneit.com/pivot-return-to-work/).

After months of successfully onboarding teams during quarantine, and years of deploying teams in a virtual environment, we have plenty of experience. We will use your company’s pivot plan to ensure that the technology you are using will pivot with you. Our assessment checks that your team can work 100% from home, 100% within the office and any hybrid of both, at any given moment. We can ensure that your business can continue, even if you cannot access your office for any reason, and that your data is secure and accessible.

2. Are your vendors with you for the long haul?

Vendor partnerships are vital to many businesses, but you increase risks when relying on multiple vendors to help maintain and grow your business. By performing an assessment of your current vendors, we have seen that rework is significantly reduced, compatibility on all systems within the organization is verified, & potential security risks are identified. Tech One is able to step in & help you with performing this type of review if needed or helping to fix the items your internal review may have already identified.

By asking our clients about their other vendors, we hope to open up the lines of communication, not perform work that has already been completed, and – most importantly – we check the compatibility of all systems within the organization.

If you aren’t sure if your vendors and partners are with you for the long haul, you could be missing out. When you need to ramp up your workforce (or ramp down), do you know which vendor might be able to help? If your managers have questions about IT systems, is your vendor considered a trusted source for them to contact? Trusted vendors and partners can offer assistance, clarity, and a fresh and credible perspective on projects.

Tech One IT willingly collaborates with your contractors, vendors, and employees. We strive to become an extension of your company to make your life easier.

3. Are you assessing your successes and losses frequently?

Business moves fast. We develop technological systems to make it move even faster. But, with speed, sometimes things fall through the cracks. It’s imperative that your investments work for you, so we help our clients create key performance indicators (KPIs) and milestones that show growth, or losses in real-time whether focusing on technology changes or team productivity.

4. Do managers fully understand the role and KPIs of their employees? (IT managed services can take care of this)

In our previous post, we mentioned that open communication amongst employees about business goals could lead to an increase in loyalty. By breaking down the company’s larger goals, each employee can take ownership, with a roadmap and KPIs at milestones, to reach their individual goal. In this way, each employee understands the importance of their own effort. However, we did not mention an issue that we see frequently: managers that do not fully comprehend their team members’ tasks and therefore, their KPIs.

At Tech One IT, we have several solutions that can alleviate this concern and provide KPIs, easy reporting systems, or a total managed system with pods of employees (managers and teams) that are able to work together towards a common goal: producing actionable analytics for your company.

5. Are you offering opportunities for growth that benefit you and your employees?

“To engender loyalty, companies are trying every tactic, from raising salaries to bolstering benefits to offering more training and education. That last category is becoming critical: Inadequate career development is the leading reason people leave their jobs, the institute reports, with 21 percent of those interviewed citing it as the driving factor. Those employees expressed frustration with the lack of growth, development opportunities and advancement in their jobs.” (https://www.shrm.org/hr-today/news/all-things-work/pages/to-have-and-to-hold.aspx)

At Tech One IT, we are committed to providing the best workplace for our employees, whether they report to us, or a manager onsite at our client’s workplace.  Our focus on diversity and inclusionstrengthens our ability to provide fresh ideas, collaborate well, and bring our client’s to the heights they hope to reach.

If you are looking for hiring solutions for your technology team, learn more about our T-shaped methodology, or reach out to us today.

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