Digital Transformation And The Agile Workforce

August 11, 2020


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“Technology priorities have changed within 95% of organizations surveyed during the pandemic, and 88% of technologists report that digital customer experience is now the priority.” (The Agents of Transformation Report 2020)

Walk around any town in America and you will see restaurants shuttered, or signs offering “curbside pickup”. This is the most visual example of the ways that digital customer experience will keep businesses alive. Without a mobile option, B2C businesses will not survive COVID-19, but this concept stretches further into the B2B industries than many consumers realize. 


81% of technologists state that COVID-19 has created the biggest technology pressure for their organization that they have ever experienced. (The Agents of Transformation Report 2020)


Companies nationwide found themselves very reactive to the initial quarantine. There is no way to predict the future of the industry, but one thing’s for sure: technology can no longer sit back and wait for what may come; each organization must consider every avenue and become proactive by considering a digital transformation plan to fully mobilize workflows and employees. 


At Tech One we have adapted quickly as a result of our Technology Apprenticeship Program that has been set up at multiple client locations during quarantine. Our IT Solutions division has found themselves stretched to meet changing deadlines on typically long-term projects – like cloud adoption – that have become more of an immediate need. 


One way to lessen workforce vulnerabilities is to consider what we’ve learned from 2020 thus far: 


Employees should be allowed to work in an environment that suits them.


Toyota, Square, and Twitter (amongst others) have given eligible employees the option to continue to work from home forever. This cultural switch is working for many companies as a hiring enticement, especially given the reality of schools going virtual and forcing parents into difficult childcare situations. 


Many employees may choose to work from the office and the mix of both options will allow for social distancing within the office and huge facilities cost-savings for businesses.


Different KPIs are needed


Digital transformation provides companies with the ability to access and share data safely, but the other aspect of an agile workforce is tracking success. Tech One works closely with Dr. Manuel Ramirez, transformational change expert and agile coach, to create performance measurement systems that work with an agile workforce and run alongside the agile systems our IT division sets up for clients. 


Partner with organizations that are able to enable your digital transformation


Prioritizing digital transformation to keep your business running no matter what comes next will inevitably spotlight certain gaps in your workforce. To fill these gaps, it’s beneficial to turn to strategic partners that can solve those problems immediately, rather than tackling the problem yourself. 


During the initial quarantine, TAP set up new initiatives at several technology firms, and our clients, apprentices, and their team leaders have reported no issues starting with a new team in a virtual environment. The reality is that our apprentices are incredibly adaptable to changing work situations. During college they took classes online, they have worked from loud coffee shops and dorm rooms, and even during road trips. They are adaptable, easily focused, and dedicated to specific goals. 


Businesses that are able to focus on providing the tools necessary to keep clients happy and employees productive, while partnering and outsourcing the parts of the business that are outside of that realm, are more likely to survive the pandemic and its economic fallout than those companies that try to do it all alone. 


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