Artificial Intelligence and Social Media

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the topic on everybody’s lips. It was named one of the hottest topics for 2022 and is one of the leading areas of study for tech students today. While it’s still an emerging field, AI can be seen in practice in social media right now.

Let’s look at how the field is changing social media and how some platforms are reacting.

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How Social Platforms are Using AI


AI has long been used in face recognition, but that software is more mainstream than just Facebook. More recently, Facebook has developed an AI tool called Deep Text. This software acts as a human reading and analyzing comments, posts, and other relevant information. The goal is to understand slang, abbreviations, and other alternative language formats to grasp the context. This, in turn, allows the platform to update its ability to understand the conversations continually.


LinkedIn uses Artificial Intelligence to link recruiters with job seekers. According to a study by Harvard Business School, LinkedIn also adds value to the hiring process by diversifying applicants. “LinkedIn search will bring up diverse candidates and not based on what the biased recruiter might have selected in their previous searches. With the aggregation tools that LinkedIn provides, the companies have better insight on the talent landscape as a whole, such as how skill sets change over time and finding talent pools. Companies can also compare their own gender breakdown to their peers in the industry and identify how to tap into a more representative pool.” (Harvard Business School)


Instagram, not surprisingly, uses the same systems as Facebook to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their platform. Deep Text also identifies hate speech and cyberbullying, and remove the posts from the platform. (AIMagazine)


Brands Using AI on Social Media


On the flip side, brands are now looking to AI to create their own social media content. Dos Equis (owned by Heineken) has seen good results using bots to analyze their social content. This allows them to assess what works across which platform quickly and at what time. So, the content management team can adjust and improve without putting in quite the same amount of time. (Technology Magazine)


Finally, Artificial Intelligence is allowing some brands to create content and respond to comments. While the software is clever, the concept is strange to social media managers. After all, if you have AI powering your content and AI powering your conversation, at what point is the “social” removed from social media?



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