7 Problems Solved by Technology in 2022

December 22, 2022


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Technology provided us with incredible innovation in 2022 and showed how vital it could be in a post-pandemic world. Here are some of the problems that technology has solved in 2022. 

College Tours

Companies like Student Bridge have made touring potential schools easier than ever. Students and schools struggled during the pandemic because of travel restrictions and social distancing mandates. Technology was vital for both parties to keep admissions steady and to ensure a school environment was right for you. 

Supply Chain

2022 saw massive disruptions in the global supply chain, and technology was there to help. In the agriculture industry, drones were used to monitor the weather and crops, and apply pesticides. This technology enables farmers to spend less time on these monotonous tasks and makes their practices more efficient.

Carbon Capture

While this technology needs to be fully fleshed out, 2022 saw a 44% increase in carbon capture storage facility plants planned worldwide. There was also a push for federal funding for developing this technology in 2022. This technology will be critical in the development of climate solutions in the future, and we saw significant advances in 2022. 

Mental Health Care

Technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in mental health care. This tech can make mental health care more accessible and effective, with apps for mental wellness and utilizing virtual reality for exposure therapy. 

Power Grid

As were using more renewable energy than ever in 2022, we need a more secure power grid for when the sun sets or the wind stops. Renewable energy is the future of our energy sources, and we’ve seen significant investment and developments in this technology in 2022. 

Medical Treatment and Vaccines

In 2022, there were advances in medical technologies with the approval of the first malaria vaccine and Covid-19 treatment. Malaria kills 600,000 people, mainly in Sub-Sahara Africa, and the World Health Organization called the vaccine a “game changer” in preventing this disease. Similarly, a new pill from Pfizer slashed the chances of hospitalization from Covid by 89% and could be vital to end the pandemic. 

Synthetic Data

Artificial Intelligence is a tool that requires massive amounts of data to train. 2022 saw advances in the production of synthetic data to train these machines. This will aid in the development of AI and the future of technological advancements. 


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