3 Benefits of an Technology Apprenticeship Program

Apr 20, 2020

Apprenticeship programs are on the rise across the nation. The Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP) set up by Tech One IT recruits graduates from universities and trade schools with degrees in IT and places them with leading companies to work with seasoned technology teams.

With Tech One IT managed the recruiting and acting as the employee’s coach throughout the process, it’s easy to see the benefits for the graduate, but what are the benefits of an apprenticeship program for employers?

We could go into cost savings, the accelerated recruiting process, and lower turnover, but for today, we want to talk about three things that may not have occurred to you.

The Ability To Train Skilled Workers To Your Needs Before Hiring.

You can test skills during the recruiting process, but it’s much harder to find employees that fit your culture. Add on to that the need to find employees that can work with your company’s standards and the specific team’s procedures.

By taking on an apprentice, you can test whether your new employee will be a good fit for the company before you fully commit. Give the cost of hiring and turnover, the cost savings, the loss of morale and momentum; this is reason enough to start an apprenticeship program.

But there’s more:

Employers Can See Outside Of The Box Abilities

“45% of employers are unable to fill entry-level vacancies in their organizations because applicants are not skilled enough to even get their foot in the door.” (The Wharton School)

Universities and trade schools teach the most basic, and perhaps most necessary technology skills, but classes are often based on process and students are tested on the skills needed to get from A to B. Students rarely learn how to correct errors, how to move forward when a curve is thrown in between A and B, or when A to B becomes A to F and back to B again.

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” Richard Branson

The ability to troubleshoot, and to plan and execute upon new ideas, is a skillset that most companies long for in an employee. With an apprenticeship program, employers get to see how well the apprentice will work under pressure and whether they have what it takes to create new opportunities for the company. All before hiring!

Fresh Ideas

Newly graduated employees are full of ways to change the world, one tech project at a time. Unfortunately, the hiring process and an entry-level position can be humbling enough to drain those ideas away. An apprenticeship program offers a different approach.

The Technology Apprenticeship Program offered by Tech One IT gives apprentices access to a career coach that checks-in frequently and can help a new graduate navigate the waters of hierarchy. In this way, we help them accept their position, but also show them the best way to get their voice heard.

Employers benefit from this by getting a fresh and sometimes rewarding perspective, delivered at the right time and in a way that is easy to accept or shelf for a later date.

If you’re interested in learning more about a technology apprenticeship program, we would be happy to help. The Tech One IT team can provide case studies, options for your business, or more information on the program we offer. Get in Touch today: contact@techoneit.rocks or 480-449-3333

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