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 Tech One IT is working with some of the nation’s fastest-growing companies to create technology apprenticeship opportunities for Transitioning Servicemembers and Veterans.


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Why Hire Veterans?


Each branch of the military has core values and each soldier is held to these values. 

At Tech One IT, we recognize that these values carry through to civilian life. We always place an emphasis on values and drive when assessing applicants for our Technology Apprenticeship Program for Servicemembers (TAPS). The military values translate perfectly into the apprenticeship program. 

Honor, Loyalty, Selfless Service, Integrity, and Respect ensure that our apprentices will work well within a team environment, listening to other opinions, accepting feedback and learning from mentors. 

Duty, Courage, Excellence, and Commitment place importance on meeting deadlines, speaking up and focusing on reaching the ultimate goal of each project. 

We are honored to work with our nation’s heroes, placing them in careers where they will excel, and on projects that move business forward.


Unique Experience

Our Servicemembers come to TAPS fully loaded with unique experiences that provide them with knowledge, skills, and abilities that outweigh the average civilian college graduate. These experiences have proved irreplaceable to our TAPS clients. 

Leadership skills, adaptability, and the capability for remaining cool under pressure are just three of the many skillsets often exhibited by our Servicemember apprentices. While most don’t have defined software skills, many have technology experience that aid learning.

Diversity in the Armed Forces is considered a necessity, according to Bishop Garrison, the senior advisor to the secretary of defense for human capital and diversity, equity and inclusion. 41% of the US military consider themselves to be members of a minority group. (Defense.gov) Adversely, only between 7 and 8% of the minority population are currently in computing and mathematical occupations. (Brookings.edu) “Low diversity among science and technology college graduates also stunts the ability of employers to boost innovation and produce stronger financial results.” (Brookings.edu) 

By adding Servicemembers to our apprenticeship program, we can continue to reap the benefits of a diverse program, which is considered essential for the future of many organizations.


Values + Unique Experience = Value

“Dollar for dollar, no workforce training method packs as much punch as apprenticeship. On average, employers realize an average return on investment of $1.47 for every $1 invested. Additionally, every $1 invested in apprenticeships leads to a public return of approximately $28 in benefits.” (NationalApprenticeship.org)


Each apprentice from Tech One IT is a cost savings of approximately 40% over a full-time employee. The recruitment costs are also lower than traditional staffing or in-house recruitment by utilizing a company like Tech One IT that has relationships with military transitioning programs like Skillbridge, and some of the nation’s leading technology degree programs in colleges and universities.


Specifically, the Technology Apprenticeship Program for Servicemembers (TAPS) offers companies a way to complete technology projects utilizing fresh talent with good values and experiences that translate as first-class skill sets in the workforce. This allows our clients to find the best fit for their culture, and their goals. The program also offers Servicemembers an opportunity to get on-the-job training, mentorship, and experience that will set them up for a successful career in technology. 


During the apprenticeship program, our client is able to sponsor the apprentice as they earn a vendor-centric certification. Often, this opportunity is presented when such certification is mission-critical. Each apprentice will earn the Tech One certification of completion upon the fulfillment of the program. 


veterans test above 50th percentile in aptitude tests.

service members transition from military service to civilian life each year (dod.gov)

Tech One IT retention rate since 2017

The TAP Process

Tech One IT mentors and guides each Servicemember from the interview process through to employment. Some Servicemembers join us prior to their transition from the military, and some join as Veterans.


During this phase, we screen and assess the character, skills, and goals of our applicants. Using this information, we are able to build a custom plan for each Servicemember.



Our apprentices meet their teammates. They also meet their Tech One mentor, and learn about your project, your company and your project goals.


As the project progresses, our mentor and Tech One IT teammates track the progress of the project and assess the skillsets and character of our apprentices to ensure the best fit for your company should you choose to hire post-graduation.


During TAPS, some clients choose to sponsor apprentices in earning vendor-centric certifications. All apprentices earn the Tech One IT certification upon completion of the program.


Our project is complete and our apprentices graduate. At this point you, as the client, have the opportunity to hire one or more of the apprentices. Should you choose, we will aid with the onboarding of your new employee(s).


In the event the company does not have open roles for full-time employment, one of two things could happen:

1. The apprentice may be placed with another employer.
2. The apprentice may join another squad for an additional apprenticeship.

Oracle / NetSuite
Salesforce Company


No one was more skeptical than me…and now I am the program’s greatest champion…all they needed was a way into corporate America and the chance to prove themselves and no one was more surprised than me.

Alan Mitzel

AA’s Manager of IT Crew Systems Application Development

Congratulations are in order to your Apprenticeship Program recruiting team! The program has been a complete success for our organization! Each team member is providing value in many ways! The energy that the team members have brought to our team has been contagious and invigorating! The team members you have selected have had the appropriate level of base skills to grow upon, and their out of the box thinking has been awesome and refreshing! Our more senior team members are enjoying the opportunity to provide mentoring, resulting in stronger teams. All our team members advancing their skills while either teaching or learning!

Meg Gardner

Sr. Manager – Operations Technologies, Safety, Security & Environmental

To the surprise of detractors in the org, the folks in the TechOne Fresh-Out model exceeded all expectations. Not only were they capable test executors, on par with (or better than) more expensive contractors, but over time, they started writing test cases as well. They also brought high levels of enthusiasm and excitement the work and the team…It was something to learn, and they embraced the challenge.

Richard Till

Sr. Manager, Application Development

I have had the pleasure to work WITH TechOne in finding local junior talent to add to my team. I have been able to work closely with several great individuals from TechOne that have invested into me, my team, my values, and my vision which has resulted in some of the most incredible additions to my teams. The results are encouraging to me to continue down this path and build on the relationship that I have with TechOne so that we can quickly meet the needs of my teams by adding top talent as quickly as possible.

Scott Matheny

Manager, IT Application Development, Safety, Environmental, Compliance

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