Solving the IT Talent Crisis

The shortage of local skilled technology workers has been one of the most worrisome issues in the IT industry. Many American companies have sent IT jobs offshore to offset costs of hiring experienced IT individuals thus exacerbating the problem.

Even though the US ranks 3rd in the world in producing STEM-major graduates every year; our college graduates are not given enough opportunities to jump into the IT world and gain experience that benefits themselves and ultimately, American corporations. American tech companies have made it harder for new talent to get hired by importing specialized talent and sending many entry level IT jobs offshore. In the meantime, the pool of local experienced IT workers continues to shrink because new talent is not hired and developed; while the more experienced individuals retire or move up the career ladder.

This dire situation demanded a long-term sustainable solution creating jobs and resulting in augmenting local experienced talent. In the summer of 2017, Performance Resources, sister company of Tech One IT entered into a strategic partnership with American Airlines to develop the Fresh-Out model— a flexible business model intended to address American Airlines’ growing IT staffing needs.

Performance Resources identified and provided quality talent eager to learn and support American Airlines in the IT disciplines. American Airlines structured work groups for success, providing additional training, mentoring, and backing for newly graduated talent. The Fresh-Out model’s success lies in the strength of the partnership between Performance Resources and American Airlines; and the shared desire to create more American jobs and more localized IT talent for hire.  For more information about our program or to request our white paper, please email us at

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