Reference # 19-00736 Title Developer
Location Glendale, ARIZONA
Position Type Contract
Experience Level Contract
Start Date / End Date 25-11-2019 --- 25-11-2020
Description Job Summary
Applications Developers develop new and or modify existing information technology applications that facilitate and enable business initiatives, growth requirements and efficiency goals. Designs, develops, modifies, tests, evaluates and maintains computer programs. Debugs software solutions. Determines root causes for defects. Defines and discerns key aspects of application design and functions that have a significant technical and business impact. Receives no instruction on routine work and general instructions on new projects or assignments.
Essential Functions / Principal Responsibilities
  • Designs, codes, modifies, debugs and evaluates programs for business functional areas.
  • Formulates logic for new systems, devises logic procedures, prepares flowcharting, and data analysis through the application of professional programming concepts.
  • Codes, tests and delivers application enhancements and project build deliverables.
  • Determines how existing complex applications, legacy systems, databases, web interfaces and/or hardware logic, which may be currently operating on multiple platforms, work together to meet the new and emerging enterprise requirements.
  • Develops methods to efficiently reuse existing components.
  • Recommends and implements changes in development, maintenance and system standards.
  • Holds and participates in code walkthroughs to ensure that all code is production ready and complies with all standards including but not limited to: architectural, PCI, Model Audit Rule and internal audit standards.
  • Develops design specifications and parameters for assigned applications or components of larger integrated solutions that are in compliance with products' architectural blueprints.
  • Ensures that code is to set quality standards including: SDLC, Architecture, PCI compliance, Model Audit Rule compliance and internal audit guidelines.
  • Develops complex test plans in conjunction with the Q/A Lead.
  • Reviews results of testing.
  • Develops fixes for bugs discovered.
  • Develops conversion and system implementation plans.
  • Gathers, analyzes, prepares and summarizes recommendations for approval of system and programming documentation.
  • May assist in development of product user manuals.
  • Participates in component and data architecture design, software product evaluation and buy vs. build recommendations for moderate to high complexity solutions.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Skilled in use applicable programming languages for the areas he or she is developing code for. These may include but are not limited to Java, J2EE, C++. Understands the strengths and weaknesses associated with each
  • Possesses skills and knowledge of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) methodologies and processes such as object-oriented programming, distributed, cross-platform program communication using message brokers with Common Object Request
  • Knowledgeable about emerging and evolving technologies and approaches such as web services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • System Knowledge - Understands business and customer requirements that drive the analysis and design of technical solutions
  • Ability to integrate legacy systems with new technology
Understanding of industry practices and CSAA IG policies and procedures relating to work assignments
Education, Work Experience, Licenses & Certifications
  • Bachelor's degree in related area (Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering) or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 5+ years Coding, testing and applications development experience.
  • 5+ years High-tech
  • 5+ years Application design and programming experience preferably in related application areas.
5+ years Specific Systems Development Lifecycle experience within the area of development delivery.