Reference # 19-00730 Title Infrastructure Architect
Location Phoenix, ARIZONA
Position Type Contract
Experience Level Contract
Start Date / End Date 25-11-2019 --- 26-11-2019
Following an unexpected power failure all of the hosts and SAN storage went down hard. I was able to manually start all of the virtual servers except one using the ESXi interface. The exception is the Unisphere server running OpenBSD. We are using VMWare vSphere 5.5 to manage the environment that includes 3 hosts.. vSphere is showing an error that HA heartbeat datastores is 0 for this host. The servers are all running. 2 hosts' configuration shows only 1 physical NIC being connected when there are 2 physical NICs. I am unable to remote into some servers using RDP or the vSphere console. I am also unable to complete server backups because the server file is locked. vSphere console is unable to connect to the MKS. Both SAN storage devices are directly accessible but show inactive through vSphere. The goal of the work requested is to bring the environment to a properly working state.