Reference # 19-00665 Title BizTalk Developer
Location Phoenix, ARIZONA
Position Type Contract
Experience Level Contract
Start Date / End Date 07-10-2019 --- 07-04-2020
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Manager Feedback from an interview last time around "Their knowledge of BizTalk (Both Administration and Development) are better than average. They had additional development skills that we are looking for that are required for the position. Their verbal communication skills are below average. They have no experience working on HL7 (Health Level 7) message format and HL7 accelerators. That is a very key requirement for us as that is the format we use for all our data at Health Services.

I was hoping that they may have some experience in HL7 but they don't have any. I checked on the other resumes that I received and see the same issue pretty much across the board. A couple have it on their resume but none of their projects are related. "

This is a 6-12 month contract

The responsibilities for this role include, but are not limited to the following:

Initial Deployment of BizTalk Application 2013/2016
Deployment of all BizTalk Artifacts.
Deployment of dependencies, which includes .NET Assemblies, and WCF Services.
Initial Configuration of BizTalk Application
Configuration of deployed BizTalk Application.
Configuration of WCF Services.
Updating BizTalk Application
Deployment of modified BizTalk Artifacts.
Deployment of modified dependencies, which includes .NET Assemblies, and WCF Services.
Updating BizTalk Application Configuration
Update configuration settings of deployed BizTalk Application.
Update configuration settings of WCF Services.
Monitoring BizTalk Application(s) with SCOM, BizTalk360, and other monitoring tools.
Creation of custom monitoring tasks.
Responsible for the support of the BizTalk Application.
Works with the BizTalk and WCF Services Support Team to resolve issues.