Reference # 19-00656 Title PC Support Technician
Location Phoenix, ARIZONA
Position Type Contract
Experience Level Contract
Start Date / End Date 28-10-2019 --- 30-04-2020
Knowledge of:

" The principles, concepts, capabilities, and operations of personal computer hardware, data storage devices and peripherals (e.g. Printers; mobile data devices, cd/DVD/Blu-ray drives; keyboards; mice; etc.).
" Data wiring topologies, design, and techniques.
" Network operating systems (e.g. Windows active directory)
" Technical computer terminology.
" Troubleshooting techniques on hardware and software (e.g. Personal computer, network, communications equipment, etc.).
" Electronic mail systems and their capabilities.
" Current technological trends for client/server, personal computer, mobile devices (i.e. Smart phone, tablets, my-fi).
" The various operating systems utilized by the department (e.g. Microsoft windows, windows server, Linux, iOS, android etc.).
" Local and wide area computer networks and topologies (e.g. Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc.).

Skill in:
" Customer service
" The use of personal computer hardware and peripheral devices.
" Reviewing, interpreting, and proofreading comprehensive, analytical, statistical, technical, and administrative reports, documents, and manuals.
" Evaluating commercial programs and systems.
" Analyzing user needs to design appropriate system modifications or new applications to meet the identified requirements.
" Developing logical conclusions and implementing practical solutions to highly complex technical and business problems.
" Working independently as well as part of a team.
" Performing under pressure and meeting deadlines.
" Solving highly complex logic problems.
" Assisting customers with computer related problems.
" Installing and configuring computer equipment (e.g. Computer, network, communications, etc.).
" Analyzing, diagnosing and resolving software and hardware problems and their inter-relationships with available tools (e.g. Personal computer and peripherals, network equipment, communications equipment, etc.).
" Using commercial pc and mobile software (e.g. Word processing, spreadsheet, email, project management, virtual private network, clients, etc.).
" Effectively communicating orally.
" Decision making.
" Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with individuals at all levels of an organization.
" Comprehending and interpreting oral communications.
" The use of various operating system utility programs to view and analyze the contents of computer files.
" System testing applications to identify performance, data integrity, communication and functionality problems and ensure the programs are corrected accordingly.
" Effective time management and organization techniques.
" Using modern office equipment (e.g. Photocopier, phone, fax, etc.).
" Performing multiple highly complex tasks concurrently.
" Describing problems, alternatives, and making recommendations.
" Adjusting priorities and work schedules as necessary to meet project deadlines.
" Recognizing hardware and software problems and implementing effective solutions

Ability to:
" Learn and apply new technical knowledge and skills.
" Adapt to rapidly developing and changing technology.
" Identify ways to improve productivity and effectiveness by using automation.
" Develop and implement changes.
" Define accurately and clearly specifications for personal computer and network related systems.
" Interpret information about technological issues and advances.