Reference # 19-00637 Title Scrum Master
Location Phoenic, ARIZONA
Position Type Right to Hire
Experience Level Right to Hire
Start Date / End Date 30-09-2019 --- 31-01-2020
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This is a 4 month contract to hire opportunity

Required Skills and Experience:
" Strong knowledge of Scrum theory, rules and practices with at least three (3) years of experience as a Scrum Master for a Software Development Team that was diligently applying Scrum principles, practices and theory
" At least five (5) years of experience working on large software development projects, with at least three (3) years of experience on projects as a hands-on Scrum Master and Servant Leader.
" Extensive knowledge and experience with Agile Frameworks and core concepts, including Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc.
" Knowledge about methodologies and tools other than Agile-Scrum to be able to explain these methodologies, compare them and to motivate the team to work within the agreed-to Agile process at Client.
" Hands-on experience with widely successful Agile techniques: User Stories, BDD, ATDD/TDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Deployment, Specifications by Example, Team/Pair Programming, Automated Testing, DevOps and Agile Games.
" Ability to explain the meaning of servant leadership and to deploy servant leadership skills on a daily basis.
" Strong facilitation skills.
" Ability to encourage team to apply continual improvement.
" Continuously looking for ways to increase transparency, empower the team and to resolve team conflicts.
" Ability to encourage the team to always develop the highest quality and highest value product for all internal and external customers.
" Understanding of and being able to relay the value of empirical model, metrics and incremental delivery.
" Experience with tasks, user stories, backlog tracking, burndown and burnup metrics/charts, team velocity, MVP and MMP, Agile estimation techniques, etc.