Reference # 19-00544 Title Senior Database Consultant
Location Phoenix, ARIZONA
Position Type Contract
Experience Level Contract
Start Date / End Date 02-09-2019 --- 30-11-2019
Contractor for Policy Database Improvement/Replacement
Develop database that Policy Support Team (PST) can utilize to manage workload of unit. Currently the team uses an ACCESS database that has limited functionality and has not been changed in several years. With the uncertainty over the future of Microsoft products, evaluation of business need and use could be used to identify if there is a better platform to move to for the management of the team's workload. If there is a product available under state contracts (Google or other), move database and workload management to that platform.
" Currently PST fields over 2000 assignments in over 20 different assignment types.
" The timelines for completion of these assignments range from same day to a 30-day window.

" Assess the business needs of the unit for how work is tracked and managed
" Determine suitable options for a replacement/enhancement of existing database
" Develop database that meets business needs
" Train selected staff on database use, maintenance, and future expansion