Reference # 19-00436 Title IT Application Analyst II
Location Glendale, ARIZONA
Position Type Contract
Experience Level Contract
Start Date / End Date 24-06-2019 --- 31-12-2019
Overview of the Role
Create automated reports and pull data from a variety of systems, particularly Google Analytics Determine how to differentiate between pages, events and feature tags with similar names or no names Graphically
display trends of user behavior Track duration spent in app (active and inactive) Create self-serve ad hoc reporting (potentially through OLAP cube and Excel) Define which steps make up a transaction and then
configure reporting around that transaction Define and execute a strategy to house data so that it could be accessed later for comparison and trending Track the browsers, OSes and device types used to access our
applications Understand and determine efficacy of email marketing campaigns Work with the team to support the ROI of each application through KPI data Ensure accuracy and quality of data Drive and make
recommendations about analytics tooling Translate business needs into analytics requirements and reports Work with the development team, ensuring they have the specific information needed to implement back-end
analytics changes needed Automate reporting so that a non-analytics expert could pull the information needed without assistance.

Key Skill Requirements
Google Analytics Other analytics packages Translating reporting needs to requirements that the development team can act on. Manipulating data to match KPI's creating data visualizations with reporting tools report
automation. OLAP cubes connecting reporting to Excel.

Required Years of Experience
3+ years working in reporting analysis and with Google Analytics.

Educational & Training Requirements
Bachelor's degree in related area or an equivalent combination of education and experience