Reference # 19-00263 Title Adobe Experience Manager
Location Glendale, ARIZONA
Position Type
Experience Level
Start Date / End Date 13-05-2019 --- 13-11-2019
Client is upgrading their Digital Marketing infrastructure, which uses Adobe Experience Manager (AEM, previously known as CQ5) as the basis of its digital asset management capability. CLIENT-IG sells insurance to CLIENT customers through many of the existing partner clubs across the country, and part of this work is to improve the mechanisms to help understand where customers exist when they come to the client website, and to improve the information delivered to the customers once they request information from client

This is a developer role that primarily requires Adobe AEM development skills, along with the ability to implement some web analytics using Google Tag Manager. The work is focused on helping to improve the CLIENT-IG Digital Marketing landing pages, and includes the following:
  • Add tags and triggers, to help identify where customers come from and their associated partner clubs when they visit various Digital Marketing campaign web pages.
  • Update the zip-code interrogator being used, which helps to identify location of incoming customer requests.
  • Improve dynamic content creation of some Marketing pages, based on zip-code interrogator results and tags embedded within email links (which customers click on to get to the site).
  • Update AEM forms and objects, to improve information collected for a Marketing campaign.
  • Build out an export capability that can be used by the Digital Marketing team, to retrieve information about their campaigns from AEM.

Key Skill Requirements
The primary skills are working with Adobe AEM and Google tag manager. The list of skills for this job include the following:
  • 2-3 years AEM experience. Ability to modify existing "forms and "objects is required.
  • 2-3 years JSP/Java servlet experience
  • 2-3 years HTML/Javascript/CSS. This includes the ability to implement AJAX calls to retrieve dynamic data. Knowledge of JQuery is useful.
  • Knowledge of web services, including the ability to integrate with a REST-API endpoint to retrieve data.
  • Google analytics (Google Tag Manager)

1.Description of Work
2.1 Awlogy Floodlight Tracking

Digital marketing wants to add some more tracking for the digital landing page. There will be approximately 2 tags and 2 triggers to be created. This should be straightforward work, and Danny Boyle can help support this work as appropriate.
  • Google Tag Manager making updates to Google tag manager (system, interface).
Time Estimates
  • Approximately 1-2 days of work

2.2 Zip Code Interrogator (DMLP A/B Test)

CLIENT traditionally has used a zip-code interrogator to forward a customer to the correct partner-club website. In other words, if you go to, a zip-code interrogator will check some of the HTTP headers and other information to determine what zip-code the customer is coming from, and then forward the request to the correct partner-club.

The Digital Marketing team wants to prompt the user to enter a zip-code first. However, they are finding it's a high bounce rate (i.e. customers not entering correct zip-code or not continuing through the site). Therefore, they want to do an "A/B test with both a zip-code interrogator, and specifically asking the customer to enter a zip-code.

There does exist a zip-code interrogator that is in use. It is a REST-API that can be invoked. However, Digital Marketing had a separate zip-code interrogator developed and that is currently being used (Needswork: is this correct?). There is the possibility to doing some additional work to use the existing zip-code interrogator that is being provided by the IT organization.

What needs to be done is as follows:
  • Add some additional analytics to track things like different zip-codes being specified. The specific analytics will be provided by the Digital Marketing team (i.e. its already been defined).
  • JSP development, to implement the "A/B test.
    • Invoke a Java random() function to choose between 2 options (the zip-code interrogator or the user explicitly entering the zip-code).
    • Implement the appropriate HTML for allowing the user to input the zip-code.
    • Implement the logic to invoke the zip-code interrogator.
    • Possibly rewriting some cookie fields to support the interrogator.
  • JSP,
  • AEM
  • Some Java development (integrate with Corporate site Interrogator)

Time Estimates
  • 14 days (implementation and testing)

2.2 DM Campaign Form/ "Campaign Name " field updates

Digital Marketing uses CQ5/AEM for their marketing campaigns. They want to update/augment the information being collected so they can better track and manage their campaigns. This means the existing "form and "objects within AEM need to be augmented with some more information, which is a campaign code and name.

  • AEM comfort level/skill with AEM/CQ5
    • update/extend the "object that defines/stores the campaign information.
    • Updating form associated with the object, to collect the additional information.
Time Estimates
  • 7 days
    • Update AEM objects
    • Bulk export to update all Digital Marketing content in AEM so they use the updated object. Digital Marketing to provide this information about all campaigns.

2.2 Self Service for CQ5/AEM Exports

Digital Marketing needs to be able to download (export) the marketing campaign information being stored in AEM into a "csv format, so they can import into excel and perform some analysis on the information. Since this is an ad-hoc operation, we would like to have a page built that can provide this functionality.

An HTML-link or button would be added to the existing page, that would launch a request into AEM, that would extract the relevant Digital Marketing campaign objects, and then serialize them into a csv format and return this content to the client web-browser.

In terms to content being returned, add the appropriate HTTP headers such that the data is treated as "csv content and can be saved by the client browser. E.g.:

Content-Type: "text/csv
Content-Disposition: "attachment;filename=myfilename.csv "

  • AEM
    • Modify existing HTML page (form) to include an export button or hyperlink
    • Separate JSP page to be written, that can extract all the Digital Marketing campaign objects, and write out their content in a csv format.