Reference # 19-00300 Title GIS Data Analyst
Location Goodyear, ARIZONA
Position Type Contract
Experience Level Contract
Start Date / End Date 01-07-2019 --- 28-06-2020
Position Description This position will perform complex full-performance spatial GIS data entry and maintenance, statistical analysis, cartographic map production, and produce relevant documentation for simple and complex GIS information products in response to departmental and public requests. Ability to interpret preliminary/final site plans, MOD, PUD, and as-built drawings will be required to perform data development and maintenance activities that adhere to standard operating procedures.
Skills Required " Under administrative supervision of the GIS Analyst, the employee receives assignments and is expected to carry them through to completion with substantial independence. Work is reviewed for adherence to instructions, accuracy, completeness and conformance to standard practice or precedent. " Participates in and assists in coordinating the testing and training of automated applications in an effort to align GIS information technology solutions with customer business requirements and initiatives. " Creates, develops and presents processes, reports, maps and charts of data displayed by geographical region for analysis and presentation to agency staff, and generates statistical analysis on complex data provided by departments. " Applies spatial interpolation techniques and multiple modeling methods to perform QA/QC, create geostatistical surfaces, street and/or facility networks and present recommendations and solutions to solve other multiple complex problems. " Utilizes spatial autocorrelation techniques to measure the association of various geographic features. " Develops and loads spatial databases to enable statistical analysis, geographic analysis and mapping using GIS software and maintains GIS applications. " Develops and initiates new methods of representing spatial data cartographically using ArcGIS Pro to support department initiatives; recommends standards for GIS data development and cartography (implemented with supervisor approval), updates and maintains existing map collections and applies advanced cartographic techniques for map production, quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) procedures, " Tests ArcGIS desktop software modules and tools and provides technical feedback to the supervisor. " Interprets aerial photographs to prepare new GIS data sets, and inputs spatial features into GIS databases by utilizing methodologies such as trace digitizing, coordinate geometry (COGO), surveyor notations and graphic input into digital formats. " Interprets new and complex spatial data and applies the appropriate mathematical and data conversion techniques to project, re-project, transform, rubber-sheet, conflate and accurately register it to city coordinates. " Performs quality control procedures such as attribute integrity, positional and dimensional accuracy and metadata documentation. " Under instruction modifies software programs including coding, testing and documentation for use with multi-application, multi-user database systems. " Trains employees and users in GIS concepts and data maintenance and cartographic techniques, and demonstrates successful application of training. " Uses Global Positioning System (GPS), wireless GIS systems and field visits to collect or verify the accuracy of GIS data. Assists GIS staff by creating, maintaining, and updating CAD maps, GIS maps, and GIS databases. " Assists with quality control procedures such as file integrity, positional and dimensional accuracy and metadata documentation. " Documents and logs metadata for data and database warehouses, and assists with the quality control procedures for file integrity, workflow analysis and position and dimensional accuracy. " Maintains, updates, and assists in the development of the City's geographical information system (GIS). Reads and interprets source documents such as engineering plans, plat maps, site plans and legal descriptions; updates GIS databases from source documents; performs quality control of attribute information; operates and adjusts electronic GPS field equipment to conduct field data collection; conducts verification and identification of infrastructure from engineering as-built drawings; conducts field verification and makes necessary error corrections; performs GIS analysis functions; demonstrates continuous effort to improve and further develop the GIS; and makes recommendations for improvements and upgrades to GIS processes, maps, software, and website. " Develops GIS products per user requests utilizing appropriate methods to develop and prepare the GIS product. " Utilizes cartographic standards for mapping projects and department standards for tabular reports. Plots or exports product to digital files as appropriate; documents and archives projects. " Assist in the maintenance and updating of the City's digital record drawing database for construction plans, plats, and site plans. " Suggests and makes improvements to the process and software related to scanning, filing, and accessing the record drawings.
Skills Preferred Year End Goals 1. Update interconnection data layers and develop procedures for keeping them up to date. 2. Update the zoning cases feature data layer and procedures for keeping it up to date. 3. Develop GIS data layers and symbology to support business activities and web application development. 4. Creation of cartographic symbols, feature data layers and MXDs for web application development and publishing 5. Process data from surrounding municipalities, state and other organizations to update GIS data layers (Liberty Water etc.) Update SOP documentation. 6. Develop development agreements feature data layer 7. Complete metadata for all existing and new GIS data layers. 8. Run manual and automated QA/QC checks on all GIS data layers. Report the findings, perform research, consult with the GIS Analyst and perform corrections. 9. Complete data research to resolve data quality questions, take actions to correct the information. 10. Creation of feature classes and feature data sets as a result of GIS Data Administrator findings 11. Capture landscape related information from as-built drawings and develop processing for keeping he data up-to-date 12. Create feature data layers and maintenance procedures for data assets that are 'missing' from departments integration into Lucity. 13. Accomplish GIS data input specifically for plant / building / lift station locations and support in to create specific symbology for individual divisions related to Sweepers, Streetlights, and Streets.
Experience Required The ideal candidate will possess a very strong working knowledge ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, and AutoCAD specifically for data creation, editing, and map production. Due to the highly technical nature of this position, an exceptional working knowledge of GIS and computer aided drafting software; civil engineering symbols and terminology with emphasis in land surveys, water, wastewater, storm drain, and reclaimed water systems; and geodatabase design is required. This work requires the ability to read general correspondence, documents, engineering technical standards, civil engineering plans, computer technical manuals, and engineering manuals and the ability to write general correspondence, memorandums, reports, GIS/CAD procedures, and letters. A specific vocational, administrative, or technical degree in Geography, Urban Planning, Engineering, GIS, Computer Science, Information Technology, which may be obtained with a two-year associate's degree, diploma or equivalent from a college, technical, business, vocational, or correspondence school along with at least (2) years of professional hands-on GIS analyst experience is required.