Reference # 19-00103 Title Training Coordinator
Location Phoenix, ARIZONA
Position Type Contract
Experience Level Contract
Start Date / End Date 04-03-2019 --- 01-03-2020
Position Description The Training Coordinator will use training abilities and knowledge of the Assessor's Office structure and business processes to support development of the MARS Training Plan by: 1. Documenting the structure of the Assessor's Office in relation to the MARS application; 2. Determining instructional requirements of Office staff; and 3. Establishing logistical strategies to ensure successful implementation of the training program. The Training Coordinator will collaborate with the Change Management Lead and Core Project Team on multiple concurrent projects, including: business process and job mapping, activity planning, testing (release-specific, process-specific, change agent orientations), and employee engagement (demonstrations, lunch sessions, creating videos, training activities, etc.). The Training Coordinator is expected to become a highly knowledgeable system user and administrator, if necessary. The Training Coordinator will act as an application training instructor before and after go-live with the ability to provide train-the-trainer expertise to other training and leadership staff within the Assessor's Qualified applicants will have references for their experience in assisting business transformation or application development teams with all aspects of user engagement. Our project is the Maricopa Assessment Replacement System, MARS.
Skills Required " Map functionality in the MARS application to the appropriate business groups. o Assist the Training Supervisor and Change Management Lead with internal audience analysis projects. (This includes the identification of user groups via an office-wide organizational chart or table which highlights Managers, Supervisors, and regular staff.) o Document associations between the application functionality and identified user groups. o Use the information gathered to help develop plans for testing and training activities to accommodate all end users (this includes staff in all divisions at all management levels). " Document available County resources to aid in planning logistics. o Physical training facilities ? Features of each room, including: capacity, equipment (projector/screen, student computers, and whiteboards), accessibility/reservation process, etc. o Learning Management System (TheHUB, which is provided by the County) ? Explore and confirm capabilities, including: user registration/enrollment, schedule maintenance, attendance and roster tracking, computer based training, etc. o Staff ? Assist in the creation of training activity schedules, based on the Assessor's Calendar and workload considerations and holiday schedules. " Determine policies and procedures for training material document management. o Consider strategies for: storage, access, version control & retention, and review & approval processes. " Assist the Core Team in testing activities. o Review Sprint Releases. o Participate as an identified tester during Release Testing Periods. o Coordinate with the Core Team to document gaps in functionality or necessary User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) enhancements. o Provide feedback to the vendor according to the established method. " Manage the creation and delivery of testing materials for change agents ( "MARS Explorers ). o Evaluate functionality delivered with each release to plan and prepare materials for testing appropriate functional areas. o Collaborate with the Core Team to determine participants, and support the Change Management Lead in scheduling events and preparing agendas. o Document verbal and written feedback from participants to be used in the identification of risks and opportunities. " Aid in the creation and refinement of training program materials (internal and external). o Help characterize roles and responsibilities for County and Vendor staff. o Identify distinctions between application training and business process training. o Document process scenarios and engage Assessor's Office staff to gather details and gain buy-in. o Contribute to the development of training aids, such as glossaries and instruction sheets. o Complete or review drafts and provide timely feedback as requested. " Contribute to the development and delivery of an office-wide change management strategy. o Assist the Change Management Lead with implementation strategies in support of user-familiarization and acceptance. o Provide instruction to end users in multiple formats, including interactive methods (live demonstrations and classroom instruction) and electronic means (presentations, videos and other computer-based content).
Skills Preferred " Change management in the Public Sector " Property appraisal, fee or ad valorem " Software testing " Adobe Captivate " Advanced training/education experience
Experience Required " Knowledge of software development and implementation processes " Self-motivated, with ability to work independently and within a team structure " Organized and detail-oriented, with ability to work at a fast pace " Ability to communicate effectively with audiences of differing skill levels " Ability to leverage best practices for testing and training activities " Ability to prioritize problem resolution, monitor & report progress, and apply escalation procedures, if necessary
Experience Preferred " Change management in the Public Sector " Property appraisal, fee or ad valorem " Software testing " Adobe Captivate " Advanced training/education experience
Education Required HS DIPLOMA OR GED
Education Preferred
Additional Information This position will report to the Assessor's Training Supervisor while fulfilling MARS-related duties under the direction of the Change Management Lead.