Reference # 19-00007 Title Knowledge Manager
Location Phoenix, ARIZONA
Position Type Right to Hire
Experience Level Right to Hire
Start Date / End Date 21-01-2019 --- 19-04-2019
As the Knowledge Manager, you will be responsible for the following tasks in line with strategy & planning:
- Prepare a long-term plan for knowledge and information asset development, based on business goals and input from stakeholders.
- Create relationships with sources of knowledge and information, including government agencies, research firms, content providers, trade associations, publishers, and so on.
- Acquire and develop knowledge of vertical/horizontal industry practices, trends, benchmarking data, and create competitive analyses.
- Promote a corporate culture based on proactive collaboration, sharing information, and learning.

The successful candidate will bring their expertise in advanced content management, including indexing and creating taxonomy structures. Prior experience with content-database integration and a range of database platforms, including MS-SQL, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, SharePoint, Google G Suite, Confluence and/or CRM solutions is a must. You will bring your expertise in advanced content management, including indexing and creating taxonomy structures. You will have a strong knowledge of applicable data and copyright laws and a good understanding of the organization's goals and objectives, as well as a strong knowledge of cataloging and archiving techniques. The successful candidate will have a basic understanding of project management principles and experience in gathering, analyzing and meeting business requirements. You will be highly self-motivated and directed with a keen attention to detail and advanced research, examination and investigative skills for online, print and traditional methods. Experience in forming and managing communities of practice is desireable. Finalists for this position will be required to submit to a criminal history investigation.

Additional info from manager:
How many years of experience are you looking for?
- 5+ years experience in medium to large enterprise environments. KCS certification or equivalent is preferred.
Will this person be running tables and pulling data out of your database themselves or is someone else pulling the data?
- They will need to be able to perform the data analysis themselves. Ability to pull the data is a plus, but not required.
Do you wish to have this data presented in a specific format?
- Presentation will need to be appropriate to the audience. In some cases technical, in other cases business users.
What project management principles are you looking for this resource to know?
- Need basic project management and task management skills. This role is a "one person show " and will need to be well organized and also able manage others to assigned tasks.
What kind of clients/employees/business partners will this person be interacting with?
- Inernal to ADOA and across state agencies (all local to Arizona)
Are they global or national level?
- No - local to Arizona.